Cane webbing roll, rattan by the meter
  • Cane webbing  50 cm wide,for repairing cane chairs or to build radiator cabinets
  • Cane webbing for repairing cane chairs
  • Cane webbing roll, rattan by the meter
  • Cane webbing  50 cm wide,for repairing cane chairs or to build radiator cabinets

Cane webbing 50 cm wide,for repairing cane chairs or to build radiator cabinets

Reference: TH-1/2-50-S

Rattan fabric is an obvious choice for renovating the Thonet chair.  The “TH-1/2-50-S” cane webbing is extremely strong. The reed braid pattern is repeated every ½ inch. This rattan by the metre can be used in many ways. It can be used as a partition screen, a radiator cabinet or for repairing cane chairs.

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Base Price (per m): $52.60

Total Price : $52.60


Amount discounts

Reference Roll Length Discount
TH-1/2-50-S 15.24 m 10% / roll

Rattan fabric is made from the fast-growing rattan palm, which grows lianas up to 200 meters long and is one of the longest plants on Earth.

In our webshop, we sell rattan by the metre, which is suitable for rattan panel inserts and radiator cabinets, but in skilled hands it can also become a really trendy wall protector, or a good material for repairing cane chairs. In our offer, you will find several cane webbing roll widths, which have in common that the length of each rattan roll is 15.24 m. There is no minimum order quantity, so even 0.4 meters of cane webbing can be purchased.

Discounts: When you buy a whole roll, we provide you with two types of benefits: on the one hand, a 10% discount on the price of the product, and on the other hand, we waive the postage cost.

What is thonet material?

We distinguish between solid and perforated reed fabric. Thonette is a reed fabric with a holey structure, which is known by several other names, such as rattan material, rattan fabric, reed braid, but some people refer to it as mat fabric. Since its structure is perforated, it is excellently suitable wherever good ventilation is important. In addition to the already mentioned examples, the cane webbing can also be used for door front inserts and individual hall walls.

Where does the name thonet come from?

Master carpenter Michael Thonet already in his lifetime in the 19th century was an iconic figure of furniture art and design. After he won the right to manufacture bent furniture from the Vienna Court Chamber, his first wicker furniture was born, such as his well-known main work no. 14 chairs, commonly known as thonet chairs. The German name of the material, Wiener Geflecht, i.e. Viennese fabric, refers to the connection to Vienna. On the seat surface of the bent wooden frame, the seat is made of thonet fabric, which is a rattan material with holes, it is comfortable and well ventilated. Although the S-marked thonet fabric, like our present TH-1/2-50-S product, has a good load-bearing capacity, it is not recommended to stand on it, because it can easily lead to the fibers of the thonet material snapping.

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Data sheet

Method of use
Air-permeable material
Chair repair
Decorative fabric
False ceiling
Radiator cover
Reed fabric strength
Chair repair quality
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