Order bamboo rolls for decorating and heat insulation with home delivery
  • Order bamboo rolls for decorating and heat insulation with home delivery
  • Bamboo wallcovering, bamboo wood panel for cupboard door covering
  • Bamboo rolls for cupboard door covering
  • Bamboo for wallcovering or cupboard door panels
  • Bamboo wood panel for cupboard door covering
  • Bamboo wallcoverings are great heat insulators

Bamboo wallcovering, bamboo wood panel for cupboard door covering

Delivery time: 3-6 workdays to arrive to United States

Reference: BT-6/2-N-0
Surface treatment: Without surface treatment
Colour: Natural
Material: Bamboo

The “BT-6/2-N-0” bamboo wallcovering is a natural, untreated bamboo wallpaper. It can freely be varnished or pickled. These wainscotting bamboo rolls are 15m long. This bamboo wood panel can be used for cupboard door covering or to make cupboard door panels with them. Look no further either if you are searching for decorative wall panels for living room.

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Base Price (per m): $36.10

Total Price : $36.10


The bamboo wallcovering with reference code “BT-6/2-N-0” is a natural wall protector made with 6mm wide bamboo strips glued to textile. This bamboo wall panel can lend a really egzotic feeling to your home. It can be adjusted to its desired environment easily as it can be freely varnished or pickled. Its classical use is as decorative wall panels for living room, but it also looks great as cupboard door covering. Bamboo rolls have so many uses even beyond wainscotting, they make pretty cupboard door panels and room dividing screens. Any door can look egzotic with a bamboo door insert.

How to glue your bamboo wall protectors!

You will probably need to cut the bamboo wood panel before its use. Doing so is quite easy when we want to cut parallel to the strips. A simple linoleum cutter will suffice. However, if you wish to cut through the stips, you might want to use strong tailor’s scissors.

When applying it to most surfaces, simply using glue is enough for the bamboo wallpaper. You can also use wooden framing.

Attaching the bamboo wallpaper to the wall

The decor panel glued to the textile can be attached to the wall in two ways.

Hemmed from top to bottom with slats and in a frame structure with vertical slats every 60-70 cm; in this case, reinforce the lath with wood screws. The head of the screw is sunk in and applied with wood paste, then the entire lath is steamed to the desired color.

The bamboo wall covering can also be attached directly to a plastered wall in good condition.

We offer jointing and edging strips for the bamboo wallcovering.

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What makes a wall protection material second class? 

The following defects can occur in second class bamboo wallcoverings:

- The end of the stick is broken (this defect can be completely eliminated with an edge sealer)

- Several lengths of the stick are cracked

- Small greyish discolorations

- Surface treatment, varnishing defects

- The sticks do not fit perfectly


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