Carved furniture decoration with home delivery
  • Decorative mouldings for furniture made of exotic wood
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  • Corner ornaments for wood furniture repairs
  • Carved furniture decoration with home delivery
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  • Carved wood carvings, treated with wood oil.

Decorative mouldings for furniture, corner ornaments with fantasy pattern

Delivery time: 3-6 workdays to arrive to United States

Reference: SK-153
Material: Exotic wood

The leaf and fantasy wooden carvings are corner mouldings for furniture, doors or windows. Just like the majority of wooden decorations, this piece is also made of exotic wood. It has a natural design, so the end user can perform the surface treatment. It can be painted, varnished, stained. Professional furniture joiner or hobbyist, it doesn't matter: a carved furniture decoration makes the work easier for everyone. Use our quality pieces for repairing furniture at home.

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Base Price : $2.10

Total Price : $2.10

Symmetry - comes from a Greek word meaning proportional. If we map a geometric object onto itself, we can preserve it in an unchanged form. Symmetry has been known since the world existed, since the first symmetrical patterns were created by nature itself, examples of which are most flowers, birds, and animals. The proportio divina, divine proportion, is what the ancient and medieval scientists called the ratio used during the golden ratio, which was used by both science and art. During his studies, Da Vinci established the symmetry of the human body using the golden ratio.

The concept of symmetry is also known in the art of making wooden carvings. Objects can be placed to the right, to the left, but also opposite each other. Wooden ornaments and patterns made with the same motif can also be placed symmetrically, and if you add another carved piece of furniture in the middle, you get an eye-catching picture. The corner ornaments and wood carving patterns can be used if we are planning on repairing furniture at home, and we do not need to be cabinetmakers to achieve really beautiful and decorative results with our work. Hobby carpenters are also happy to choose our decorations when renovating old cabinets and other retro furniture.

The Naturtrend furniture carpentry shop now offers corner mouldings made of exotic wood in right- and left-hand designs, which can also be purchased in pairs. This way we can also ensure symmetry in our home. Look no further than this carved furniture decoration, if you were searching for decorative mouldings for furniture.

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Data sheet

Carvings by shape
Corner ornaments
Ornament height
0 - 5 cm
5,1 - 10 cm
Ornament width
5,1 - 10 cm
10,1 - 20 cm

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