Wooden carvings, capital moulding resembling ancient Greek column heads
  • Wooden carvings, capital moulding resembling ancient Greek column heads

Wooden carvings, capital moulding resembling ancient Greek column heads

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Reference: VK-018
Material: Exotic wood

The VK-018 wooden carvings are wooden appliques for furniture in the style of ancient Greek column heads. With the help of these wood carvings for sale, beautiful Doric capital-like patterns can be created when restoring furniture. Carpenters like to choose this capital moulding, as it is easy to match the existing decoration on antique furniture. The woodcarving shop awaits you with a stock that is renewed from time to time.

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With the help of wooden carvings that model Greek column heads, a beautiful Doric capital-like edging pattern can be created on furniture fronts on walls when restoring furniture. Professionals and hobby users are both happy to choose this capital moulding. Look no further if you need wooden appliques for furniture, or decorative wood panels for walls! The wood carvings for sale are made of exotic wood, which is considered a soft wood, so it can be shaped easily by hand. Its surface treatment does not require a lot of expertise either, it can be painted, stained or varnished.

The Naturtrend wood carving shop considers it important to be able to offer its customers a wide selection of wooden ornaments. We try to keep in stock carvings that match the style of each piece of furniture. Our products include column capitals, top decorations, rosettes and other wooden decorative elements.

The VK-018 wood carvings for sale are made in the style of the Doric capitals from among the Greek capitals. This type of capital is the most puritanical in ancient Greek architecture. One of the most famous buildings built with such columns is the Athenian Pantheon. Greek architecture is associated with the Greek tribes and the territories they conquered. The three most important Greek capitals are the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. The Doric column head is i. e. It spread in the 7th and 6th centuries and was built according to the proportions of the male body. Its name refers to the Doric tribe, where the style originated.

People have known and used ornamentation for thousands of years. Among the ancient Greeks, it defined the construction of the most perfect creations, the temples. Decorations that we know to this day were used, e.g. the acanthus leaf on the Corinthian capital.

If you haven't decided which wood carving to choose, take a look around the webshop. We are waiting for you with a wide selection of wood carvings for sale.

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0 - 5 cm
5,1 - 10 cm

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