Wooden legs for furniture

Wooden legs for furniture at the Naturtrend

Wood is our friend. It is individual, diverse and versatile material. Furniture loves wood. Be it the grandmother's old chest of drawers with or damaged missing feet for furniture, or a newly acquired piece with turned wood table legs, they have their own stories. Whether baroque wood table legs or ant...

Wooden legs for furniture at the Naturtrend

Wood is our friend. It is individual, diverse and versatile material. Furniture loves wood. Be it the grandmother's old chest of drawers with or damaged missing feet for furniture, or a newly acquired piece with turned wood table legs, they have their own stories. Whether baroque wood table legs or antique table legs, wood bed legs or decorated cabinet legs - what would furniture be without feet?

Do you want to build a kitchen cabinet and are you looking for wooden cabinet legs for it? Are you restoring furniture and want to replace the legs? The sofa has been damaged and needs new legs? Still not sure which style would suit your new or old furniture? Then take a look around our shop wooden furniture legs and find the right one in our selection! Wooden legs for furniture are available from us in different shapes and sizes made of different types of wood. All items have untreated surface, without varnish or paint, so they can be further treated as you like.

Where does the furniture come from?

In feudalism, because of constantly raging wars, people moved from one castle to another, lugging all valuables in chests and boxes.
When one speaks of decorative art, one is confronted with the eternal question of whether it is determined by art or rather by life. The term applied arts is based on the assumption that the resulting works of art are also objects of daily use. If the development of furniture design is followed, one finds the typical characteristics in all epochs, which reflect the way of thinking and historical conditions of the respective time.

Would wooden legs for furniture be Magnificent or Practical?

You could say both. Some examples from history.

Some History

In Egypt the furniture was richly carved and mostly gilded, but there were beds that were made simple and practical. The furniture of the Greeks was used to decorate and present wealth, at the same time they also used chliné, a kind of deck chair with a wooden framework that served as a lounger during meals and whose saber legs were harbingers of the Empire. The Romans decorated their chairs with sphinx or lion legs, but chliné was also an integral part of their meals.

After the simple execution of all furniture in the Middle Ages that suited the practice, rich Gothic decorations and flame-shaped pointed arches are known to all. As in ancient times, chairs had knock-knees, and as the floors were uneven, three-legged chairs were usually used for greater comfort. In the renesssaince, the Savonarola chair with arched knock-knees and ribs was typical of the era. Cupboards had massive, angular wood feet for furniture, tables had balluster legs.
Barocke furniture had decorated down to the smallest detail, with spiral-shaped and ornate legs decorated with cariathids, but also tables simply designed for practical use with wood legs for tables
octagonal ball shape narrowed downwards or simple table tops with carved, heavy, vase-shaped legs.
In the Rococo style, tables in the Italian style often had sculpted legs on ornate plinths, but one also encounters richly executed table tops made of marble and rosette friezes with simple, angular, wood legs for tables were grooved that narrow downwards.

In the 18th century, furnishings with curling, wavy cabriolet wood legs for tables were preferred. Later, in order to balance crowded Rococo decorations, wooden legs for furniture appear straight, without ornamental decorations. Biedermeier art, presenting bourgeois taste, gives the rooms a cozy atmosphere, while the beautiful and practical Thonet furniture is conquering the world. In the style under Queen Victoria, visual foreground was denied to the furniture legs. They were dressed in textiles because they were reminiscent of the shape of a human body.

The modern wood feet for furniture

Shows furniture whose design took the first step in a modern, strikingly sensual direction. More weight is given to color and material than to the flourishes judged to be superfluous. The clear surface effect puts the importance of decorations in the background. The furniture says: form follows function!

It does not matter if you are a people with an DIY furniture restoration project or a carpenter who repair antique furniture or build new one and ask:

Where to buy furniture legs?

Here, in our webshop please, we offer you wooden legs for sofa, wood table legs, Queen Anne legs and many other kind of wooden legs for furniture.


Wooden legs for furniture There are 67 products.


  • Modern and period wooden table legs

    In the Naturtrend shop you can buy prefabricated wooden table legs, antique table legs, wooden legs for dining table. We sell period and modern style wooden table legs.

    These decorative wooden legs for furniture give the furniture an individual and elegant look. The table legs are available in different sizes and styles and for different aim: wooden legs for dining table, Queen Anne table leg, coffee table legs wooden etc. With the help of the following link you can view all of our products on furniture legs, including table legs and table substructures!

    Table legs made of wood, but what types of wood are they made of?

    The simple and also the turned wooden table legs are partly made of local wood species, especially beech. We also offer wooden legs for furniture made of egzotic wood (hevea brasiliensis, rubber wood). Beech wood is light yellow to reddish brown. When it comes to hardness, it takes on oak. Beeches can grow up to 40 m high, the straight, barely barked trunks reach a diameter of up to 1 m. Beech is easy to process, turn, mill and carve and is very popular with furniture makers. Egzotic wood comes from mature trees of exploitation plantations for rubber trees. A typical fiber cannot be identified, it is light in color.

    What about the surface treatment of wooden table legs?

    Since all the wooden table legs available are untreated in their natural form, it is an advantage that the exotic wood is suitable for all surface treatments and can be stained, glazed and painted well.

    How are table legs made?

    All are turned and carved from real wood. Modern or antique table legs, you will surely find what you are looking for.

    Where to buy table legs?

    Here, in the Naturtrend webshop. Our wooden table legs UK are great selection. You may apply them to refurbish furniture and furniture restoration.

  • Modern and period wooden legs for furniture

    Let's say about wood carvings, decorative wood trims or art of furniture, avant-garde or classical antique art, one thing is for sure: decorative art are the same age as people. Furniture has always played a significant role in art, being objects of use. Thanks to today’s digital design process, it provides unlimited possibilities for a diverse style and design that can be freely applied in furniture design and furniture restoration.

    Every piece of furniture has its legs, a nice wooden legs for furniture or Queen Anne legs for example. As the saying goes, pot and lid, they have to fit together. If you are planning to furniture restoration of your grandma’s old couch in Empire style, look for antique wood feet for furniture, not a baroque wooden legs for furniture. You don't choose wooden legs for cabinet with rosette framing for a Corbusier cabinet, or a neo-rococo chair legs for an iron armchair from the 20th century. The feet of the bed can affect the whole cot, sometimes also the rest at night.

    Restoring period furniture not only requires dexterity, but also ingenuity and creativity. When the grandparents' chest of drawers is passed on to the next generation, creates a personal connection. You have to pay attention to small details and buy wood feet furniture that consistent with the design.

    The most  modern wood feet for furniture we offer are made of beach and oak, classic styles made of exota wood (Hevea brasiliensis). The prefabricated wooden legs for furniture is not surface-treated and can be stained, glazed and processed as desired by you.

    The wood feet for furniture underwent certains modifications characteristic in their form in the history of the decorative arts. The wooden legs for furniture most often affect the shape of small barrels of narrow parallel fluted columns. You can apply these as wooden legs for sofas, wooden legs for cabinets, for example. As a carpenter you can build new furniture or make a furniture restoration with Queen Anne legs.

    Where to buy furniture legs?

    At the Naturtrend we say, here! Our selection may buy online and we ship the leg for furniture by courier service.

    What kind of surface treatment has the wood feet for furniture receive?

    Prefabricated furniture legs are not surface treated. You can freely coloured, paint and varnished.

  • Furniture handles and cupboard knobs

    Furniture handles and cupboard knobs for DIY and furniture repair. The furniture making are easy with these handles and knobs.

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    The AS-DN-02 wooden legs for furniture dimensions of 60 mm x 70 mm and the height of 90 mm. The shape of the wooden furniture feet are truncated pyramid  and made of beech. If you have DIY plans to repair furniture, Naturtrend wooden legs for cabinets are for you. We have wooden bed legs and wooden legs for sofas, but we also offer many kinds of wooden...

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    The BL-805 carved wooden furniture legs is made of rubber wood, the  block of wood sizes of 58 mm x 58 mm and the height of 150 mm.Queen Anne furniture legs have always played an important role in decorating furniture. The acanthus leaf patterned cabriole legs offered by Naturtrend are suitable to accompany to the antique carved cabinet. The wooden sofa...

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    The AS-DN-25 curved wooden furniture legs szes are:diameter of 100 mm x 45 mm, the height of 200 mm. The retro furniute legs is made of beech.In the Naturtrend Shop,  a wide range of wooden legs for sofas, feet for couches are available at reasonable prices. These Sabre wooden feet for furniture are untreated products. They can be varnished or painted as...

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    11,60 € per pc
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    The AS-DN-13 wooden legs for furniture sizes are diameter of 80 mm,  height of 100 mm. The wood feet for furniture are made of beech.These bun feet for furniture andmany kind of armchair legs, wooden sofa legs made of wood are available in a wide range from the Naturtrend. Our turned wood feet for furniture products are suitable companions for traditional...

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    The AS-DN-10 oval bun feet for furniture have diameter 100 mm and height of 50 mm. The wooden furniture legs are made of beech.Our turned wood feet for furniture products  will suit your home decoration style. In the Naturtrend Shop there is a wide selection of wooden legs for sofas  and feet for couches. Our retro furniture legs untreated products can be...

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    Naturtrend offer bed legs for sale and other wood feet for furniture, available in a wide range. Our furniture legs and bun feet for furniture  fit the style of your furniture properly. Our untreated products can be painted and varnished as desired. The ball feet is one of the earliest, most basic types of furniture feet styles. It consists of a simple...

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    18,30 € per pc
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    The square tapered wood feet for furniture sign: AS-DN-21sizes diameter of 90 mm, height of 250 mm and is made of beech.Home renovation, antique furniture restoration or kitchen cabinet making? Where can you buy furniture legs? Naturtrend products include kitchen cabinet feet, wood bench legs, sofa legs, bed legs for sale that may use to suit your designs...

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  • 14,30 € per pc In Stock

    The AS-DN-20 wooden feet for furniture sizes:  diameter 90 mm, height 160 mm and made of beech.At the home renovation, do you need antique furniture legs and feet for furniture restoration or kitchen cabinet making?Naturtrend selection include bunnings furniture legs, feet for couches, bed legs, antique furniture legs and other furniture accessories. That...

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    Wooden legs for furniture named AL-828 from Naturtrend Online made of rubber wood material. First class product.Wooden legs for tables which in the form of a cabriole leg suitable as an accessory for the following furniture:     wooden legs for cabinets     wood bench legs     wooden legs for dining table     Queen anne legsOur untreated products can be...

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