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  • Fasteners for fixing bamboo blind
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Installing bamboo blinds (to 2G, 2R, 3G mechanics)

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Reference: ROLKA2

The bamboo blind webshop recommends these fasteners for mounting bamboo blinds and bamboo shades type 2G, 3G and 3R. Attach the bracket to the top of the selected door or window sash and fix the bamboo blind with the hook/clamp and enjoy the pleasant shade. The selling price is for 1 pairs of fitting. The installation of the bamboo blind on a window or door is simple.

Available Products:


Base Price (per pair): $3.50

Total Price : $3.50

x pair

Want to install bamboo blinds without drilling?

The bamboo blind with 2G, 2R, 3G mechanism and the bamboo shades protect from the scorching sun.  It provides a pleasant shade and is a good privacy screen. No more fear of prying eyes. There are many ways to install bamboo blinds. You can fix it to the ceiling or drill it laterally through the wall. With the help of the fasteners offered by our bamboo blind webshop, mounting bamboo blinds on windows and doors is easy. You can attach the small fitting to the top of the window or door frame, to which you can attach the bamboo blind with a hook or hooking device.

Order ROLKA today and forget about drilling!

Bamboo blinds for doors and windows offer many benefits, but the installation process involving drilling is a concern for many. Not only does drilling require manual dexterity, but it can damage surfaces and even ruin the insulation of modern shutters if their frames are drilled.
ROLKA is an innovative solution to fix bamboo shades to window or door frames without drilling. ROLKA is an easy-to-install fastener that does not require any tools. Just apply the ROLKA to the frame profile and you can fix the shutter!

Advantages of ROLKA:

    - Drill-free installation
    - It preserves the thermal insulation of the opening
    - Quick and easy installation

No need to worry about drilling! Quick and easy installation without drilling.
The selling price is for 1 pairs of fitting. To install a bamboo blind you need at least 2 pieces (1 pairs) fittings!

How to install a blind on the window frame?


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