Wooden furniture legs
  • Wooden furniture legs
  • Wooden furniture legs, square furniture legs beech, 150mm tall
  • Square furniture legs made of beech
  • Beech wooden legs for furniture
  • Square furniture legs made of natural wood

Wooden furniture legs, square furniture legs beech

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Reference: LBL-53

The wooden furniture legs included in the offer are 6 cm wide and 15 cm high and are made of beech wood. The LBL-53 square furniture legs can have various uses if you plan to restore antique furniture. They are chunky yet elegant, so they can be used both as armchair legs or cabinet legs. Their natural surface can be freely painted or varnished.

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Classic armchair leg

The material of the wooden furniture legs available in Naturtrend Shop is beech. If you wish to place your order in quantities of over 150, we can also manufacture our product from other types of wood. For preliminary consultation, please contact us by email.

Furniture makers are happy to choose it, as a range of ideas can be implemented more easily with the help of these square furniture legs, if you plan to restore antique furniture.

Furniture legs from the history

The wooden furniture legs we sell are somewhat reminiscent of the Empire era, but can be used for most furniture styles.

The whole of Europe was captivated by the empire style, this large-scale and oratorical French style, Napoleon's political and military presence left a mark everywhere. Its classicist elements foreshadow the taste of the Biedermeier era, Greek, Roman and Etruscan motifs are boldly mixed with baroque elements, only a few elements carry originality. This wooden furniture leg could have been the popular piece of furniture of the time, the psyché, the leg of the hanging mirror, which was either oval or rectangular in shape.

If you also want to use this decorative wooden furniture leg in your home, order it from Shop Naturtrend. If you need help making a decision, take a look at our entire range and find the furniture legs that suit you best. We only offer products made from natural ingredients. Natural beauty for sustainability.

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Our range of furniture accessories includes more than 80 wooden furniture legs UK. Most of them are available in several size variations. Models are typically made of hard beech wood, but there are also models made of ash maple and exotic wood species. Armchair legs, cabinet legs, dresser legs, table and chair legs make up our offer.

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