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Carved wooden flowers, wooden rosette carvings for furniture

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Reference: RK-767
Material: Exotic wood

The RK-767 wooden carvings are flower patterned rosettes. The carved wood corner mouldings are made of exotic wood and are available in three sizes. Professional and hobby furniture restorers often buy it in for repairing furniture. It's easier to work with them, whether it's new kitchen cabinet fronts or antique furniture restoration. You can save time and get wonderful results with the prefabricated wooden ornaments of the Naturtrend wood carving shop.

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Base Price : $3.20

Total Price : $3.20

Carved wooden ornaments have always belonged to the tools of the creative person. Antique ornamentation with its spiral patterns or rosettes was already used thousands of years before our era. The Greeks decorated their temples with acanthus leaves, Rome also used fantasy creations, grape leaves and laurel leaves for decoration. We are all familiar with the rosettes of Gothic windows.

Decorative wooden carvings also belong to today's decorative art. They appear in interior design, renovating an old kitchen cabinet or repairing furniture is almost unthinkable without them. You don't have to be among the professional furniture restorers to revive antique furniture with the help of our ready-made wood corner mouldings.

The RK-767 carved wooden flowers are made of exotic wood. Such wooden rosettes are great for decorating furniture and spaces, for creating a special, unique home. Take a look around the Naturtrend woodcarvings store and find the rosette or other decoration you need for your plans from our wide product range.

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Data sheet

Carvings by shape
Round and oval ornaments
Ornament height
5,1 - 10 cm
Ornament width
5,1 - 10 cm

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