Wooden beading trim for decorating furniture
  • Wooden beading trim for decorating furniture
  • Moulding to restore antique furniture
  • Spectacle mantel with braid pattern moulding framing.

Braid trim, wooden beading trim for door moulding

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Reference: F
Material: Beech

The wooden beading trim with reference code “F” is a decorating tool made of beech wood, with a braid pattern. A good solution to restore antique furniture with, it gives an elegant look to its host. The braid trim can also be used as door moulding or to make crown mouldings with it. Its surface is not treated, it can be freely varnished or pickled. Five sizes available with small differences.

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Base Price : $6.80

Total Price : $6.80

Wooden beading trim for door moulding

Wooden beading trims like this can fill decorative roles in many areas. The braid trim can make indoor window or door moulding or decorate small items like a gift box. It can help to restore antique furniture, not to mention such decorative wood panels make great crown mouldings as well. They are made of hard beech wood. Their surface is not treated, it can be freely varnished or pickled. Their braid motifs fit numerous different styles.

Favourable discount on purchases decorative mouldings

We offer a quantity discount from the prices of the mouldings marked with the color red on the website, depending on the amount ordered. We only sell whole pieces. The largest available wooden beading trim is 2.5m long.

Braiding is an ancient technique, first used to make yarn, and later for weaving. The first known depictions of braided hair are 6000 years old. Many cultures had many meanings associated with braids throughout history, but on our mouldings, they hold a simple message: make your apartment more beautiful and feel more homely!

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