Dentil moulding, decorative wood mouldings for cabinet trims
  • Dentil moulding, decorative wood mouldings for cabinet trims
  • Dentil moulding, decorative wood mouldings for cabinet trims
  • Crown mouldings of beech to restore antique furniture
  • Dentil moulding to restore antique furniture
  • Moulding H can be used for restore antique furniture.
  • Decorative wood mouldings as a decoration for an organ.

Dentil moulding, decorative wood mouldings for cabinet trims

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Reference: H
Material: Beech

The decorative wood mouldings with reference code “H” have a toothed pattern, made of beech hardwood. They are 250cm long and their widest point is 15mm wide. They have a wide range of use: you can use them to restore antique furniture, to create crown moulding or to build cabinet trims with them. The surface of the dentil moulding is not treated, meaning it can be freely varnished or pickled.

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Rejuvenate Your Antique Furniture with Decorative Dentil Moulding

Furniture decorated with delicate carvings can be a beautiful sight. It is worth preserving such objects, renovating them from time to time, as they can serve the family through generations, if taken care of properly. This is what we would like to help with with our furniture accessories.

Decorative wood mouldings are a great help if we plan to restore antique furniture. The dentil moulding in question, with reference code “H” has a toothed pattern. Its material is beech wood in its natural colors, therefore it is easily adjustable to your furniture. Its surface is not treated, varnishing or pickling can be freely applied. Its fixation is recommended using colorless wood glue.

Diverse Applications of Decorative Wood Panels

The opportunities to use such decorative wood panels are nearly limitless, be it interior decoration, furniture restoration or even creating new furniture. You can also make cabinet trims out of a few dentil mouldings, or make crown moulding out of them.

If you are planning an apartment- or furniture renovation, you might want to take a look at our webshop. You can find carved decorations, prefabricated intarsia strips and last but not least furniture legs, table legs and furniture handles. Find the accessories best for you!

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