Bamboo paneling trim with home delivery, available on Naturtrend Shop
  • Bamboo paneling trim with home delivery, available on Naturtrend Shop
  • Trim for bamboo cladding with home delivery
  • Bamboo paneling trim, cladding end cap for house improvements
  • Paneling trim brown colour as cladding end cap
  • Paneling edge trim made of natural, quality bamboo
  • Bamboo paneling trim with home delivery
  • Bamboo paneling trim avaialble on Naturtrend Shop with home delivery
  • Cladding end cap made of quality bamboo
  • Order quality bamboo paneling edge trim from Naturtrend Shop
  • Paneling edge trim for bamboo wallcoverings
  • Bamboo paneling trim for house improvements with Naturtrend Shop

Bamboo paneling trim, cladding end cap for house improvements

Delivery time: 3-6 workdays to arrive to United States

Reference: ELZARO

This paneling trim has brown color and an untreated surface, meaning the customer can freely decide on its glazing or varnishing. The bamboo cladding trim has a length of 1.8m and a width of 30mm. One half or the bamboo paneling trim’s backside is grooved, allowing great fitting to the wall. This easily adjustable wall cladding trim can be a vital part of house improvements.

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Base Price : $8.20

Total Price : $8.20

Getting our bamboo wall panels up on the wall is one thing, but to achieve a truly elegant result, we will need to have its edges hemmed. By effectively framing the wainscotting with such bamboo cladding end caps, we also prevent it from loosening and coming off, aside from the aforementioned aesthetics.

Applying the paneling edge trim is fairly easy, it is achievable with glue or smaller nails, but even screws are usable. We just need to watch the level and saw the bamboo paneling trim to the required size. Use a saw with small teeth for the latter.

We have several options for fixing. It can be glued, nailed, or even fixed with small dowels and screws.

Gluing: D2 wood industry glue works. When gluing, it is worth fixing with an extra nail every 50 - 70 cm. You will need glue, hammer, nails.

Nailing: Fix the skirting board to the wall with small nails every 50-70 cm. Needed: hammer, nail. 

Dowel and screw: In order to achieve a nice result, it is worth marking the location of the holes in the middle of the slat (15 mm) every 70-80 cm. If you have one, you can make the holes with a centered wooden drill bit. Fit the slat in place, then mark the location of the holes on the wall. All that's left is to drill. Put the dowels in place and you can proceed with screwing the joint. Needed: dowel, screw, measuring device, hammer, screwdriver, drill.

An exotic bamboo wainscotting can achieve some serious house improvements, but it can use some proper wall panels trims to achieve its full potential in beauty.

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