Wooden furniture leg made of beech
  • Wooden furniture leg made of beech
  • Turned wooden legs, made of beech
  • The AS-DN-05 wood bed legs can be mounted with just one screw.

Turned wooden furniture leg 50mm tall, wood bed legs

Reference: AS-DN-05

AS-DN-05 is a cylindrical wooden furniture leg. Its height is 50 mm, its diameter is 38 mm. In terms of material, it is made of beech, hardwood. If you are planning to restore antique furniture, you make the right choice with this turned wooden furniture leg. It fits perfectly under many pieces of furniture. It can be used as wood bed legs or wooden legs for sofas.

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Base Price : $5.30

Total Price : $5.30

It can be more than just a modern armchair wooden leg

The wooden furniture leg we at Naturtrend Shop offer can be used in many ways. If you plan to restore antique furniture, like an old wardrobe or make new furniture, you can choose from our wide selection. Our turned wooden legs are fit to become wood bed legs or wooden legs for sofas. They will fit well with your existing furniture.

Modern but durable wooden furniture leg

Our present product is a modern furniture leg. Furniture is a silent companion in our lives, it is at our disposal when we need it, it serves us like a good butler or maid. Modern style looked at furnishings with a new eye, putting their purpose first. To emphasize the dynamism of the space, bolder colors are used for the walls, the space is furnished with innovative furniture, the design is simplified, making it suitable for mass production.

If you need help with your decision, take a look at Naturtrend's selection to find the best style of carved furniture legs for your furniture. We only offer products made from natural ingredients. Natural beauty for sustainability.

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