Wooden furniture legs made of beech
  • Wooden furniture legs made of beech
  • Wooden furniture legs, 45mm tall, turned, scone-shaped
  • Wooden legs for sofas made of beech.

Wooden furniture legs, 45mm tall, turned, scone-shaped

Reference: AS-DN-09

The AS-DN-09-s are classic scone shaped wooden furniture legs. They are 45 mm high and 75 mm wide. They come in handy if you plan to restore antique furniture. They are most often purchased as wooden legs for sofas or wooden cabinet legs. Their surface is natural, so it can be painted or varnished according to individual needs.

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Stable and solid scone-shaped wooden furniture leg made of beech

We can welcome the patty wooden furniture legs as classics in the Naturtrend selection. Over the decades, they have proven themselves in many pieces of furniture. When we plan to make new furniture or restore antique furniture,this well-known shape is a great choice. They can be used as wooden legs for sofas or wooden cabinet legs. They are durable, as they are made of hard beech wood. This type of wood is one of the basic woods for furniture production. It is available in a natural state, so you can freely decide on the surface treatment.

A large selection of turned wooden furniture legs!

What elevates these turned wood legs from other replacement bed legs is that they can be used with most furniture styles.

Beech is deciduous, its trunk is reddish-brown, and it is close to oak in hardness. It can grow up to 35-40 m high, the trunk with a large diameter can reach up to 1 meter. It can be worked well with any tool, it can be bent well, and it is the most important raw material for the production of furniture.

We only offer products made from natural ingredients. Natural beauty for sustainability.

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