Repair of caned chairs
  • Repair of caned chairs
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  • Repair of caned chairs

Repair of caned chairs


Thonet chair repair.


Base Price : $36.20

Total Price : $36.20

How can you order a thonet chair repair? 

Write an email to 

Send us some photos of the chair surface! 

It is especially important that you can see the edge of the chair. Also, please take a picture where you can see the material still intact with at least 10 holes. Please also add a ruler to the hole so we can calculate what material you need.

We have determined if your chair can be repaired. 

The dispatch process:

You can bring the tonette chair you need repaired to us in person. Our address is Szeged-Szőreg Hősök tere 5. 

If you live further away, no problem. All you have to do is to disassemble the chair, just send us the surfaces to be repaired. 

The repair: 

We usually complete the repair within 2-3 weeks.

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