Effective and decorative patio shades, standard size blinds made of quality bamboo
  • Effective and decorative patio shades, standard size blinds made of quality bamboo
  • Bamboo roller blinds for doors or windows with home delivery
  • Bamboo roller blinds for shading and privacy
  • Extra wide bamboo blinds and bamboo shades
  • Bamboo outdoor blinds, 180cm wide available on Naturtrend Shop with home delivery
  • Window or front door awning with bamboo blinds
  • Bamboo blinds for outdoor shading, 180cm wide
  • Bamboo roller blinds for effective shading and protecting your privacy

Bamboo roller blinds for doors or windows

Delivery time: 5-8 workdays to arrive to United States

Reference: FR-BC09-180-1g
Quality: First class
Material: Bamboo
Colour: Brown, with butter-colour

Our bamboo roller blinds give a pretty, natural look and feeling to their environment, be it indoors or outdoors. Bamboo shades are great for window or front door awning against the blazing sun, but are also the perfect choice if you need window coverings for privacy. This product is larger than the standard size blinds with its 180cm width. The length of the bamboo shades is selectable. We offer them in both first and second class qualities.

Of course, we also make custom bamboo blinds from various bamboo blind materials, see the link for more information.

Available Products:


Base Price : $100.00

Total Price : $100.00

Bamboo roller blinds are a great choice for front door awning or window coverings for privacy, as they prevent people from seeing in, but at the same time allow light to enter the room, creating a warm, friendly atmosphere. We now offer bamboo shades much wider than the standard size blinds with their width of 180cm. Their lengths are selectable.,

Help with measurements 

The raw materials for the bamboo blinds can be divided into two groups:

80-90% light blocking: BC 28 and BC 30.

70-80% light blocking: BC 09, BC 12, BC 13 and C1C.

These data were measured with a light meter.

The eye adapts quickly to changing light conditions, so you may easily perceive them as brighter than indicated

value indicated.

After treating the surface with wood oil, these shades are also perfect as bamboo outdoor blinds, protecting your patio or terrace from the blazing sun.

Now let's look at an example: we want bamboo shades for all the windows and the balcony door in one of our rooms, but we can only find prefabricated blinds of the right size for the windows and not for the doors. Not to worry: you can also order custom-made bamboo blinds for the doors at the link below. Please note that the price of prefabricated blinds is always more favorable.

Naturtrend makes unique bamboo blinds for you from six types of bamboo blind materials, in three designs (visible mechanical, hidden mechanical, Roman blind). Detailed information on the link.

In the case of prefabricated bamboo blinds, our offer also includes class 2 bamboo blinds at a significantly better price. The characteristics of second-class blinds are a difference in length of more than 2 cm per meter. The length of the two edges of the bamboo blind can be different. The width of the blind may differ from the nominal value by more than 3 mm. It can contain more than 1 twisted stick per square meter. Its color is less uniform. The slats at the 2 ends of the blind are twisted and may be crooked. Second-class bamboo blinds can also be used as outdoor blinds if properly treated with wood oil. Bamboo blinds treated with wood oil are therefore a unique product that cannot be ordered by cash on delivery, only by bank transfer or bank card payment.

Please take the following into account regarding the expected shipping time of the product: The bamboo blind will be installed with the mechanics on the working day following the order, so that the pull cord is on the side of your choice. If you request a wood oil treatment, you need 2-3 days of curing/drying time after the treatment in order to be able to pack it.

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