Wooden chair legs, beech
  • Wooden chair legs, beech
  • Wooden furniture legs, table legs in the style of baroque furniture.
  • Wooden furniture leg, beech
  • Cabriole legs, wooden leg for table, 46cm
  • Cabriole legs for restore antique furniture.

Cabriole legs, wooden leg for table, 46cm

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Reference: LBL-04

The wooden furniture leg “LBL-04” is made of beech wood with a width of 6.5 cm and a height of 46 cm. Such “Queen Anne” cabriole legs are suitable for retro desk restoration, especially for making or restoring baroque style furniture.

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Cabriole wooden table leg made of beech wood

The wooden furniture leg “LBL-04” is made of beech wood with a width of 6.5 cm and a height of 46 cm. The specified cross-sectional dimensions refer to the size of the raw wood log from which production starts.

The material of the cabriole legs available in our webshop is beech. If you wish to place your order in quantities of over 150, we can also manufacture our product from other types of wood. For preliminary consultation, please contact us by email.

We offer this piece as a wooden leg for table, but it is also ideal if you are looking for wooden chair legs. Our cabriole legs are well suited for the restoration of baroque furniture, retro desks and other furniture, but you can even use them to build completely new pieces, not just to restore antique furniture.

The history of cabriole wooden furniture legs goes back to the past

Special furniture leg design, slim and graceful. The chair legs we sell are saber-shaped and can be used with most furniture styles. Bent cabriolet legs curve down at the knees. In its day, the cabriolet ended in a bird's claw, a snail shape, a hoof, or an animal's foot. Saber-shaped legs have been known since Greek times. Which served as a model for the Empire, Queen Anne, Chippendale and Louis Philippe styles, but we also see it in many reproduction pieces that combine different styles.

If you also want to use this decorative furniture leg in your home during furniture renovation, order it from Shop Naturtrend. If you need help in making a decision, see our full selection. In our selection, you will only find wooden table legs and other furniture legs that are made of natural materials. Natural beauty for sustainability.

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