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  • Cane webbing 90cm wide for rattan radiator covers, rattan for furniture repairs

Cane webbing 90cm wide for rattan radiator covers

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Reference: TH-1/2-90-N

Renovating a thonett chair should not be a problem with the help of classic cane webbing. The TH-1/2-90-N rattan fabric is classified “N”. So it is first-class rattan by the meter, the pattern is repeated every ½ inch. It can be made into a room divider, rattan panel, rattan radiator covers, but we can also achieve a nice result with it during the renovation of the thonet rocking chair.

Available Products:


Base Price (per m): $79.40

Total Price : $79.40


Rattan fabric is a flexible material, long since used for reeding chair seats and backrests. The thonett chair and other furniture are still the decoration of the living room and conservatory today. The name thonett was inspired by the name of its creator. Michael Thonet, who was a famous master carpenter already in his lifetime in the 19th century. After he won the right to manufacture bent furniture from the Vienna Court Chamber, his first wicker furniture was born, such as his well-known main work no. 14 chairs, commonly known as thonett chairs. The German name of the material, Wiener Geflecht, i.e. Viennese fabric, refers to the connection to Vienna. On the seat surface of the bent wooden frame, the seat is made of rattan fabric, which is a reed weave with holes, comfortable and well ventilated.

Today's application of thonett reed braid is very diverse. It can be made into reed fabric for walls, rattan radiator covers or room divider rattan panels in apartments.

The symbol of this TH-1/2-90-N product in our offer is N, first-class reed fabric for decoration, in which the pattern repeats ½ inch. It is less load-bearing than thonet quality S fabric, so we do not recommend it for the purpose of renovating a thonet rocking chair.

How to work with rattan?

The cane webbing can be easily cut to size with larger scissors. It is advisable to soak it in water before use, because then it will temporarily soften. In this case, the wet material can be attached more easily, for example to the door frame.

Packaging and discounts

The rattan material we offer can be purchased by the meter, the length of the rattan roll is 15.24 m. We cut the desired length from the roll. There is no minimum order quantity, so you can order up to 0.4 meters of rattan by the meter.

When you buy a whole cane webbing roll, we offer you two advantages: on the one hand, a 10% discount on the price of the product, and on the other hand, we waive the postage cost. In case of pre-payment of a full roll, please do not transfer the amount indicated in the order, wait for our response.

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What types of thonet materials are there? Which is good for what? 

Should I use ½ and ⅝ hole pitch material?

There are several types of hole-punched thonet material. At Naturtrend we basically stock two halves. Their pattern can have a similar repetition of ½ and ⅝ col, you can read this from the product code. e.g. TH-½-60-S

Which one do you need? If you buy new, whichever you prefer. If you are replacing an existing one, it is important that it is the same, you can calculate it as follows:

Calculate the hole pitch. 

1col - 2.54 cm 

How many holes are there in 1 inch? 2.1 cm - 1 inch 1 inch 1.5 cm - 4 holes in 5.5 cm. Measure from the rightmost yarn to the rightmost yarn of the 4th hole.  

5.5 cm / 2.54 cm = 2.16 cm 

2.16 / 4 (holes) = ½

So the thonet webbing is ½.

How many holes are there in 1 inch? 6.9 cm has 4 holes. Measure from the rightmost yarn to the rightmost yarn of the 4th hole.  

6.9 cm / 2.54 cm = 2.71 cm

2,71 / 4 = 0,677

So the thonet webbing is ⅝.

The fabric should be measured both horizontally and vertically, as the fabric may be slightly distorted. 

And with old hand-stitched chairs, it is easy to get neither of the hole pitches exactly right.


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Method of use
Air-permeable material
Decorative fabric
False ceiling
Radiator cover
Reed fabric strength
Decor quality

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