Cane webbing roll for rattan door panels
  • Cane webbing roll for rattan door panels
  • Cane webbing roll  60cm wide, rattan webbing for rattan door panels
  • Cane webbing roll for radiator cover
  • Rattan sheet for radiator cabinets or room dividers
  • Rattan radiator cover can also be made from decorative canewebbing.

Cane webbing roll 60cm wide, rattan webbing for rattan door panels

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Cane webbing roll made from the outer or inner shell of rattan is a well known material. The most well-known rattan by the meter is the classic octagonal woven thonett material, which was mainly used for reeding chairs and bed ends in the past. We are now offering you a very reasonably priced version of the decorative rattan sheet that can be used for decorative purposes as well.

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Base Price (per m): $21.60

Total Price : $21.60


The perforated decor fabric is made of a natural light straw yellow material. It is woven from a special folded-rolled cellulose (paper) strip used in the Far East. The width of the strips is approx. 2-2.2mm, the holes are octagonal (1 inch wide/2 holes repeat).

The material can also be cleaned with a wet cloth. The product must not be soaked before use. First, the material must be stapled (fixed) to the frame and then the unnecessary edges must be cut off.

What is rattan fabric good for?

The field of use of the perforated material is extremely versatile. The air flows through it practically unhindered. Since it is a well-ventilated material, it can also be used as a rattan radiator cover.

If you need a well-ventilated door front or door inlay somewhere in the apartment, we think of perforated decor fabric as rattan panel inserts. Such a door can not only be a closet door, but it can also be used to cover the gas meter in an attractive way.

Just like other rattan goods by the meter online, we also have this material in rolls. The length of a roll is 15.24 meters. But of course we will cut the desired amount for you. If you buy a whole roll, we give you a 10% discount and free postal delivery.

Take a look around the wide selection of Naturtrend Shop and find the right cane webbings, bamboo shaders, decorative wooden carvings or other furniture accesories for you! Natural beauty for sustainability!

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Air-permeable material
Decorative fabric
False ceiling
Radiator cover
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