Carved flower pattern made of exoic wood
  • Carved flower pattern, standing wooden carvings with flower motifs
  • Furniture restorers supplies, moulding for panelling
  • Wooden carvings with carved flower pattern
  • Decorative wood panels for refurbishing furniture
  • Carved flower pattern made of exoic wood

The wooden carvings for sale made of exotic wood are actually made from the wood of the rubber tree, from which caoutchouc is obtained. It can be painted and stained just like any other European wood. It is harder than pine, softer than beech. According to its fiber structure and color, it is between beech and oak. We sell this moulding for panelling in multiple different sizes.

The tulip can be seen not only as part of a representation, it forms a composition in itself. The flower petals symbolize the female body, and when depicted together with a heart, it can also be considered a love message. The tulip represents the woman, the heart the man. Tulips are also popular floral motifs among wooden ornaments for furniture. Refurbishing furniture is a real challenge at home, but it is easier to solve with our carved flower pattern decorations, just like renovating doors, cabinets, and antique chests of drawers.

A large selection of our ready-made furniture restorers supplies await you in the Naturtrend woodcarving shop. Come in and find the decorative wood panels or other accessories that suit your plans. Furniture renovation is no longer an obstacle.


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Carvings by shape
Elongated ornaments
Ornament height
5,1 - 10 cm
10,1 - 20 cm
20,1 - 40 cm
Ornament width
0 - 5 cm

Carved flower pattern, standing wooden carvings with flower motifs

Reference: FK-270-10-E

The FK-270-s are wooden ornaments with a carved flower pattern. Floral motifs are often found on vintage furniture. The wooden carvings made of exotic wood are available in 6 sizes, so they can be matched to antique chests of drawers and wardrobes. They are sold with their natural surface, so you can choose the surface treatment during the furniture renovation. Choose from the range of the wood carvings shop.

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