Tympanum with home delivery
  • Wooden rosette for furniture restoration
  • Decorative wooden mouldings made of exotic wood
  • Tympanum with home delivery

With the help of wood carvings offered by the Naturtrend wood carvings shop, your existing frestoring old furniture and making bed ends at home is no longer a problem, you can easily give your furniture a whole new look with them. Not to mention this rosette is sold untreated, it can be painted and stained as desired, so it can really easily be adapted to your furniture style. Such decorative wooden mouldings are a perfect choice when you need furniture molding or moulding for doors panels, even if you are not a professional, jsut a hobby carpenter, as they are made of exotic wood, which is rather easy to work with.

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Data sheet

Carvings by shape
Elongated ornaments
Ornament height
5,1 - 10 cm
10,1 - 20 cm
Ornament width
10,1 - 20 cm
20,1 - 40 cm

Rosette furniture molding, carved tympanum

Reference: RK-657-13

With the help of the decorative wooden mouldings offered by the wood carvings shop of Naturtrend, restoring old furniture and making bed ends at home is no longer a problem, even for hobby carpenters. This furniture molding rosette is made of exotic wood and is available in multiple sizes. Check our wide selection for more natural, quality furniture accessories!

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