Cane fighting stick available in multible selectable sizes
  • Cane fighting stick available in multible selectable sizes
  • Cane sword for martial arts with sticks, rattan stick without peel
  • Rattan stick for martial arts with sticks, available with home delivery
  • Fight stick made of natural, quality cane
  • Sword stick for martial arts on Naturtrend Shop
  • Escrima stick of cane, available in multiple sizes
  • Cane sword for martial arts available with home delivery on Naturtrend Shop
  • Cane sword for martial arts, rattan stick without peel
  • A rattan stick is a good choice for stick martial arts.
  • The rattan stick or aikido stick is available in several sizes.
  • Unsheathed rattan stick for oriental martial arts.
  • The rattan stick is an accessory of oriental martial arts.

Cane sword for martial arts with sticks, rattan stick without peel

Delivery time: 3-6 workdays to arrive to United States

Quality: First class

With this peelless sword stick, Naturtrend shop wants to please those who value martial arts, and would like to hone their own martial arts with sticks. This cane sword is a popular tool in multiple types of far eastern disciplines, such as karate, aikido or judo. Our rattan stick is 77cm long and available in first and second class qualities.

Warning, these sticks are not perfectly straight!

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Base Price : $3.50

Total Price : $3.50

Rattan stick not only for martial arts

The rattan stick in the Naturtrend Shop is made from rattan palm. The palm tree is a liana-like plant that grows on the ground and on trees in shady primeval forests. It has no crown, its leaves are scattered. The stem develops in a longitudinal fiber direction under a strong bark, the length of which can reach 200 meters. It is very firm and flexible.

The shellless rattan rod, or stick, is extremely light, flexible, soft compared to wood, and does not crack or break when hit. Its use is diverse, e.g.:

- as an indoor rattan furniture material

- pole for various Far Eastern martial arts as a sword stick - ideal for intensive training and oriental martial arts with sticks demonstrations

- making a bow

Martial arts escrima sticks

Martial arts weapons that date back thousands of years are still used in combat sports today. This includes the fight stick, which has been used throughout Asia since the beginning of history, not only by commoners, but also by monks. In combat sports, we know several types of stick martial arts - each of them has a different significance. They can be made of hard or flexible wood such as oak, but also bamboo, pine and rattan. Oriental martial arts sticks are typically made of rattan. That is, the fighting stick known as the karate stick, aikido stick or judo stick (nowadays it can also be known as the MMA stick). The techniques based on it are similar to the movements of freehand combat, which follows from the basic philosophy: the stick is an extension of the hand.

Baranta and eskrima are similar stick martial arts.

We offer a 77cm long cane sword without a shell. The product can be ordered in first and second-class quality. Discoloration, brown spots are also allowed on the surface of the first-class rod. For first-class rattan sticks, a maximum of 1 cm of curvature is allowed on the 70 cm piece. For the second class, a curvature of 3 cm is allowed.

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