Order rattan webbing roll for home delivery
  • Order rattan webbing roll for home delivery
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  • Rattan webbing as door inserts, room dividers
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  • Rattan webbing 60cm wide, rattan webbing roll Uk
  • Can be used as door insert, room divider or wall protector

Rattan webbing 60cm wide, rattan webbing roll UK

Reference: RA-3-60-1

The Naturtrend Shop offers this first-class, fully natural rattan webbing woven from 3mm wide fibers. Our customers most often use cane webbing rolls to make rattan screen dividers, door inserts, or thin wall coverings. Rattan goods by the meter can be easily painted and pickled.

The length of the entire roll is 15.24 m, we can cut it to size on request.


Base Price (per m): $21.80

Total Price : $21.80

Amount discounts

The rattan webbing is made from the outer shell or the inside of the rattan. The cane webbing roll, made from the outer shell is significantly more load-bearing. Its surface is usually worn to make it easier to paint. Rattan reed fabric made from the inside of rattan is easy to paint and pickle, although not very strong. Rattan fabric is made of 5 mm and 3 mm wide fibers. This is also reflected in the article numbers of the rattan goods by the meter, marked RA-5 and RA-3. The thickness of the rattan material in both cases is 1.5 mm.

This 60 cm wide rattan webbing can be used in many ways, whether as a rattan screen divider, thin wall coverings or door panels.

How to work with rattan?

Fixing the rattan webbing roll UK is not a complicated task. The fabric can be easily cut to size with a larger pair of scissors. It is advisable to soak it in water before use, because then it will temporarily soften. In this case, the cane webbing roll can be attached more easily, for example to the door frame.

How can I get the rattan material at a discount?

The cane webbing sheets we offer can be purchased by the meter. It is also possible to order small quantities. When you buy a whole roll of rattan, we offer you two advantages: on the one hand, a 10% discount on the price of the product, and on the other hand, we waive the postage cost. In case of prepayment of a full roll, please do not transfer the amount indicated in the order, wait for our response.

On request, we will send you smaller samples in the size of 10*10 cm, making it easier for you to decide.

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