Sun shade for patio, outdoor bamboo roller blinds
  • Sun shade for patio, outdoor bamboo roller blinds
  • Sun shade for patio, outdoor bamboo roller blinds for pleasant shady areas
  • Outdoor bamboo roller blinds with home delivery on Naturtrend Shop
  • Made to measure bamboo blinds for window awnings
  • Bamboo sun shade for patio, effective and decorative
  • Bamboo roman blinds for patio, terrace
  • Bamboo shades in custom sizes on Naturtrend Shop
  • Sun shade for patio, outdoor bamboo roller blinds, custom size blinds
  • Bamboo shades in custom sizes with home delivery
  • Bamboo roman blinds, effective and decorative window awnings
  • Bamboo sun shade for patio or terrace
  • Outdoor bamboo roller blinds available in custom sizes on Naturtrend Shop
  • Sun shade for patio, outdoor bamboo roller blinds with home delivery, in custom sizes

Sun shade for patio, outdoor bamboo roller blinds

Delivery time: 3-6 workdays to arrive to United States

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Internal bamboo shades are an easy-to-install solution to protect against the glare of the sun. Glass surfaces can be very different, in many different sizes and shapes. Therefore, to create a conservatory shade, please send photos and drawings with exact dimensions to Our colleague will contact you. When measuring, please make sure that the rafters are not straight and that the distance is measured in at least 5 places.


Base Price (per m²): $56.90

Total Price : $56.90

Custom size blinds as a sun shade for patio

In the cooler seasons, we can enjoy a pleasant southern climate behind the glass surfaces. The glass veranda and the conservatory provide a pleasant relaxing environment. But in the summer heat, the heat can get stuck under the glass roof and the radiant sun can almost burn you. On calm days, only the evening can provide relief in the stuffy conservatory on the veranda. The custom sized blinds that can be installed under the glass roof offer a solution for this. At Naturtrend Shop, we undertake the production of bamboo shades made to your specifications for window awnings, glass roof internal shading or sun shade for patio.

Our bamboo roman blinds are not only made for rectangular surfaces. We also undertake the production of slanted indoor or outdoor bamboo roller blinds. As there are many bamboo shading materials available and the extremely varied sizes, please write to for more details.

The price is gross and includes the material cut to size and provided with a bottom and top slat. The support bar on the rafter is not included in the offer and is not in the price. The price does not include the cost of the survey and equipment.

Since the rafters are not perfectly straight, the width of a shading field must be measured in at least 5 places for correct execution.

Installation of the patio shade

The sliding shade

What degree of shading is available?

The BC-30 material provides about 75-85% coverage, the other materials provide 55-60% light blocking.

Can this under-the-glass shade be pulled up daily?

It cannot be moved every day, it must be let down in the spring and rolled up in autumn.

Why do you need to oil the wood, since the bamboo is under the shading glass?

It's true that it doesn't get direct rain, but if the wood isn't oiled, condensation can still trigger a fungal growth process.

Custom size blinds can help you

We love large glass surfaces, they separate us from the weather outside almost imperceptibly. But in the scorching sun, the radiant sun burns almost like an oven. Our custom size blinds made of bamboo are easy-to-install solutions to this problem. Aside from being natural and decorative, these outdoor bamboo roller blinds are also good heat insulators. Order bamboo roman blinds for window awnings or for sun shades for the patio here:

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