Decorative wood trim for furniture or doors
  • Decorative wood trim for furniture or doors
  • Egg and dart moulding for cornice coving
  • Tulip crown mouldings are made of beech wood, is good for restore old furniture.
  • Use it as cabinet crown moulding
  • Egg and dart molding, decorative wood trim to restore old furniture

Egg and dart molding, decorative wood trim to restore old furniture

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Reference: PAO
Material: Exotic wood

The decorative wood trim with reference code “PAO” is made of beech wood. The full length of the egg and dart molding is 250 cm, its width is 70 mm. It is a preferred choice of professional joiners, as it can be used in many ways: this wooden carving panel looks great as a crown molding or door panel or a door frame decoration, among others. It can be freely varnished or pickled.

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The decorative wood trim with reference code “PAO” is made of beech wood, a standard material in the furniture industry. Our egg and dart molding is 250 cm long and 70 mm wide. Its edges are at an angle to make it easier to fit it in its desired place.

This decorative wood trim has many names, as well as uses: this wooden carving panel can be crown moulding, cornice coving or door frame decoration. Such Victorian architraves can give the whole room a new look as a cabinet crown molding, or anywhere else really, if you decide to restore old furniture with them. Despite the former name, their relatively simple design makes them fit well to almost any furniture style.

The pattern of the cornice is reminiscent of the tulip, which is the most popular and versatile flower of spring. The tulip, as an ancient motif, occupies a special place in the decorative arts. It can be combined with other decorative motifs, but it can also stand alone as an independent motif. Tulips can be found on furniture as wooden moldings, but also on work tools, dishes, headboards, and clothes. Flower petals are an expression of femininity. It is a national symbol in the Netherlands, and they still celebrate the National Tulip Day.

We only sell full pieces. Contact us if you plan to order larger amounts to discuss quantity discounts. If the overall price of the products ordered does not reach 30 GBP, we charge an additional 3 GBP as packaging fee. To avoid any damage coming to the ordered products, we attach them to an osb board, without any additional charges.

The selection of our decorative wood trims is easily accessible through our webshop and the products are delivered with courier service. Check this spreadsheet about our quantity discounts. About further discounts regarding really large amounts, please contact our administrators.

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