Diamond trellis panels 65x125cm space separator
  • Diamond trellis panels 65x125cm space separator
  • Trellis panels for radiator cabinet available with home delivery
  • Diamond trellis panels for space separators, radiator covers
  • These diamond trellis panels are ideal as wooden cupboard doors
  • Diamond trellis panels 65x125cm space separator, pine

Diamond trellis panels 65x125cm space separator, pine

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Reference: APC-04

Diamond trellis panels available for sale from our stock or in custom sizes on Naturtrend Shop. The wooden lattice panels available have a size of 65x125cm. These diamond trellis panels (reference code: APC-04) are made of pine, the slats are 10mm wide. The wooden lattice panels are perfect as decorative door inserts or wooden cupboard doors.

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Total Price : $53.40

Discover the elegance of the diamond trellis panels

We sell 65x125cm pine diamond trellis panels from stock, which have a thickness of 5mm; the slats are 10mm wide. Pictures of the wooden lattice panels and the prices (VAT included) can be viewed in the diamond trellis panels products section.

Cover up the not that nice parts with the wooden lattice panels

The furnishing of our time is formed by multiple aspects. it begins with designing the walls, ceilings and floors and then goes on to the smaller details such as furniture, but even the smallest accessories play a great part in the overall picture. In such a delicate subject, an old radiator can be a real eyesore. There is an easy solution, however, because a proper radiator cabinet can effortlessly hide what we do not want to see. And what would be better radiator covers than wooden lattice panels?

Thanks to their structure, the diamond trellis panels allow great ventilation. The dense wooden lattice panels do not inhibit the flow of warm air. The wooden radiator screen panel can also provide touch protection, especially useful in families with small children. Last but not least, the diamond trellis panels give a fantastic feeling to your home, since they are great decorative elements. Would you like to be greeted by the feeling of a new apartment whenever you enter? The wooden lattice panels make for a great vestibule wall or space separator. A door with such decorative door panel inserts or a cupboard with such wooden cupboard doors define the vibe of a room. If you desire to hide machinations, the diamond trellis panels are still the solution, as they make really pretty gas meter covers.

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