Bun feet for furniture, 80mm high
  • Bun feet for furniture, 80mm high
  • Bun feet for furniture made of beech
  • Natur wood feet for furniture bulid and reapir furniture.

Wood feet for furniture, 80mm high, turned beech wooden cabinet legs, scone-shaped

Reference: AS-DN-16
Material: Beech

The AS-DN-16 wooden feet for furniture have a diameter of 90 mm, a height of 80 mm, and are made of beech. The surface of these bun feet for furniture are not treated, meaning the user can freely decide on varnishing or painting. They make great wooden cabinet legs or wooden feet for sofa, but this product fits best as a modern table leg.

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Base Price : $11.80

Total Price : $11.80

It is not only excellent as a solid bed leg

The wood feet for furniture from Shop Naturtrend can be used in many ways, if you are planning to repair furniture or make new furniture in your home. In our selection, you can choose the wooden cabinet legs, wooden feet for sofa or table legs that fit perfectly with your already existing furniture.

These bun feet for furniture that we sell are made of beech wood.

The AS-DN-16 is a modern table leg. In Classicism, furniture design followed simpler forms. Thick forms have been replaced by graceful elements. This clean form echoes the modern era. Color and material are more emphasized than the decorative elements, the clean surface treatment pushes the decorations into the background.

If you need help with your decision, take a look at Naturtrend's selection to find the best style of wooden sofa legs UK for your furniture. We only offer products made from natural ingredients. Natural beauty for sustainability.

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