Wooden legs for sofas, baroque style
  • Wooden legs for sofas, baroque style
  • Wooden cabinet legs, acanthus leaf carving
  • Queen Anne style furniture feet made of beech wood
  • Wooden legs for furniture, 150mm tall
  • Wooden cabinet legs, acanthus leaf carving
  • Feet for couches with carved acanthus leaf pattern

Wooden legs for furniture with acanthus leaf carving, 150mm tall

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Reference: BL-816
Material: Exotic wood

The BL-816 wooden legs for furniture are made of exotic wood from the tropical regions of Earth. Their diameter is 60 mm x 60 mm, their height is 150 mm. Their acanthus leaf carving makes them a decoration worthy of the Baroque era. When used as wooden cabinet legs or wooden legs for sofas, they lend their elegant style to their host furniture. Available with untreated, natural surfaces.

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Exotic furniture leg

The BL-816-s are baroque-style carved wooden legs for furniture, with their acanthus leaf carving. If you plan to restore antique furniture, look no further. But they can also work on new pieces, lending them their elegant stlye. Their exotic wood material makes them great as wooden cabinet legs or wooden legs for sofas, armchair or beds.

Barocco, the word baroque originates from, means unusual, irregular. The baroque style reigned in Europe from the beginning of the 17th century. Its creations are characterized by large sizes, imagination and varied richness of forms, restless rhythm and movement of lines.

History of the acantus leaf carving

The acanthus leaf is a plant with spiky, lobed leaves. As a form of representation, it had its heyday in the Baroque era. As it did earlier in antiquity and also in the Renaissance. In antiquity, we first encounter it on the capital of a Corinthian column. With a sharp, strongly articulated, slightly rigid shape. The stylization of the Roman acanthus is fatter and more curved than the Greek one. It is also often found in Renaissance art and arabesques. Nowadays, acanthus flowers are used to decorate artistic rock groups.

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