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  • Wood legs with home delivery on Naturtrend Shop
  • Wooden furniture leg, 175mm tall, carved of exotic wood
  • Queen Anne style leg made of exotic wood
  • Wooden legs for furniture made of quality beech wood
  • Wooden furniture legs, 175mm tall, natural, quality beech wood
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Wood legs for furniture, 175mm tall, Queen Anne legs for furniture

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Reference: BL-822
Material: Exotic wood

BL-822 is a wooden furniture leg made of exotic tropical wood. The wooden furniture leg is available in different sizes. We recommend it to repair furniture with its help, especially antique furniture. Look no further if you want wood feet for cabinets or sofas! The baroque-like furniture leg is sold with its natural surface, thus, it can be freely painted or varnished.

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Base Price : $4.90

Total Price : $4.90

Cabriole wooden furniture leg

Furniture legs have always played an important role in decorating furniture. The shape of the BL-822 wooden furniture leg is a tribute to the art of the olden times. It revives the design world of antique furniture from the 18th century. At a glance, the recognizable forms of the Baroque and Rococo jump out. Depending on the choice of the multiple available sizes, these furniture legs UK fit well as wood feet for cabinets, wood feet for sofas, or wooden table legs under a smoking table. But other ideas can also be implemented with the help of them, if you plan to repair furniture, or even to build new pieces with their help.

What style of furniture is best suited to wooden furniture legs?

This furniture leg can best be classified in the Louis-Philippe period style. This stylistic trend revived Baroque and Rococo forms in the 18th century. Philip Louis, the French citizen king, was the Duke of Orléans. His court developed a style that imitated the masterpieces of the past. This neo-rococo style shows a renewed interest in ornamentation. The geometric Biedermeier with a bourgeois taste is banished. His chairs boast the saber-shaped legs that he used with gusto in several styles.

Take a look at the Naturtrend shop! You can choose from nearly 80 types of furniture legs. Our offer includes dresser, table, bed and cabinet legs. From antique style to modern solutions. Following the traditions of the furniture industry, our products are made of hard beech wood or exotic wood with easily treatable, natural surface.

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