Marquetry with spiral intarsia wood patterns
  • Marquetry with spiral intarsia wood patterns
  • Inlay banding strips for framing pictures, restoring furniture
  • Intarsia decorative elements.
  • Veneer marquetry templates can be used for decorating furniture
  • Marquetry with spiral wood intarsia patterns for restoring antique furniture.
  • Inlay for picture frames
  • Choose your favorite prefabricated marquetry inlays uk.

Marquetry with spiral intarsia wood patterns

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Reference: INT-373

Restoring furniture at home is much easier and faster using quality intarsia patterns such as the present INT-373. A wide selection of inlays, inlay banding strips, decorative elements and marquetry are waiting for you at Naturtrend Shop, available for purchase from stock at reasonable prices. Find the exact marquetry supplies UK you need!

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The intarsia: unique and artistic furniture decorating

The Arabic word intarsia means insertion. It is the decoration of various wooden surfaces, achieved by means of wooden inlays, veneers, in such a way that the finished surface is in one plane. The veneers used for this purpose are suitable in thickness of 0,6 or 0,8 mm. The veneers are obtained from different types of wood logs by turning or slicing.

Renovating furnitures at home with marquetry

The intarsia patterns INT-373 are classic and can be used excellently if you are interested in inlaid furniture renovation at home. The inlay banding strips are well suited for veneering because they are 0.6 mm thick, the same as the most commonly used veneers, so they can be fitted into veneers without any difficulty. The treatment of the inlay material is not different from that of veneer, but it is more fragile due to its small width. If you are interested in inlaid cabinets, inlaid tables and other types of restoring furniture, the inlaid material we sell is an excellent choice for your designs. The prefabricated inlaid pattern in our range is an aid to antique furniture restoration and furniture making.

There is no need to bother with complicated machinery, ready to use, quality marquetry supplies can be purchased from our stock.

The Naturtrend Shop website has lots of advice on how to order a unique inlay pattern and what to consider when gluing and cutting the decorative strips.

Won't the marquetry strip be damaged during transport?

The marquetry strips are fixed to a wooden board before being sent so that we can prevent any damage during transport.

In our Naturtrend website there is various marquetry patterns from different colors and materials. Click on this text for more wood inlays.

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