Wood inlay strips to restore furniture.
  • Wood inlay strips to restore furniture.
  • Wood inlay strips with oblique strips motif
  • Woodworkers supply to restore antique furniture.
  • Wood inlay strips at favorable prices.
  • Order inlays ready for use at Naturtrend Shop.
  • Wood inlay strips with oblique strips motif.
  • Woodworkers supply for restoring antique furniture.

Wood inlay strips with oblique strips motif

Delivery time: 3-6 workdays to arrive to United States

Reference: INT-54

Naturtrend Shop offers you these marquetry oblique stripes is for restoring antique furniture and decoration.

Furniture restoration nowadays can be done at home too with iwood inlay patterns such as the INT-54 woodworkers supply. Naturtrend Shop's marquetry designs do not require complicated technical solutions, and though the restoration of a retro wardrobe is a time-consuming and job that requires patience, but the result rewards all the difficulties.

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Base Price : $2.10

Total Price : $2.10

Restoring antique furniture with wood inlay to make it more unique

Inlaid furniture is the jewel in the crown of custom-made furniture. They are a means of expression in furniture design, as they require a lot of creativity. The inlaid pattern in the Naturtrend Shop's selection, for example this product with article number INT-54, adds to the range of inlaid furniture materials. It allows us to tackle projects such as the restoration of a piece of retro furniture with confidence.

In ancient Rome, it was believed that the use of wood inlay marked the dawn of the age of luxury. And indeed, marquetry designs give a truly exclusive and eye-catching look to any piece of furniture or utensil, whether it's a cabinet with inlay, a table with inlay, or even a gift box. This is the luxury we offer you now, all the wood inlays in our selection not only add beauty to your utensils, but also make your room unique.

Inlaid wood marquetry can now be made in-house at a reasonable price that will help you realise your designs. This product by Naturtrend Shop does not require complicated technical solutions, though restoring antique furniture is a time-consuming and patient job, but the result rewards all the difficulties.

We offer you more advice on our website, so you can check out how to make an inlaid table and how to order a custom inlaid pattern and what to look out for when gluing and cutting the wood inlay strips when restoring antique furniture.

What is the size of such a marquetry decorative strip?

The length of the marquetry is typically 1 meter, but their width varies from 5 to 18 mm per wood inlay strips.

Is the safety of the decorative strip guaranteed during transport?

The wood inlay strips are fixed to a wooden board before being sent, so that we can prevent any damage during transport.

If you like to do DIY handicrafts, or you are carpenter our wood inlay strips are ideals for your job or hobby DIY. Our marquetry designs are made from classic and exotic wood.

This wood inlay technique was originally centered in the Italian city of Sienna in the 11th century and mainly used to decorate church furniture and panels.

In our Naturtrend website there is various marquetry patterns from different colors and materials. Click on this text for more wood inlays.

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