Arrow formed marquetry patterns for restoring furniture
  • Arrow formed marquetry patterns for restoring furniture
  • Intarsias with arrow formed pattern on Naturtrend Shop
  • Making furniture at home using an intarsia pattern
  • Buy intarsia veneer at Naturtrend Shop!
  • Marquetry at favorable prices
  • Intarsias with arrow formed pattern
  • Restoring old furniture with wood inlay and marquetry.

Marquetry patterns (arrow formed)

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Reference: INT-677

Our Naturtrend Webshop offers marquetry woodwork in a variety of designs. The intarsias themselves can be made of cheap wood chip boards, hard or softwood. These wood inlay strips are natural materials that can be varnished as you wish at home. INT-677 wood marquetry makes your plans to refurbish furniture easy!

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Making wood inlays: past, present and future

People have been inspired by the art of decoration since ancient times, and inlay itself has a long history as well. Every style is characterised by a wood inlay pattern, yet we are not forced to compromise when we want to add a pattern we like to our current furniture. In any case, we will achieve a unique style and form that will be reflected not only on the furniture but throughout the room.

How to refurbish furniture?

Refurbishing furniture at home is no longer impossible, and the technique itself is not difficult. Although it's a time-consuming and patient craft, the results are impressive. Our website also offers useful advice on how to order marquetry and custom intarsias, and what to look out for when gluing and cutting decorative strips.

In our Naturtrend Webshop, the material of all wood inlay strips UK is wood, a natural material that can be varnished at will at home. The marquetry patterns of INT-677 will be an ornament of inlaid furniture, fitting well with most furniture designs, be it the restoration of an antique piece of furniture or the making of modern furniture at home.

What is the size of the prefabricated marquetry strip?

The length of the marquetry is typically 1 meter, but their width varies from 5 to 18 mm (depending on the pattern).

Why is the marquetry fillet 0.6 mm thick?

The 0.6 mm thick veneer is the most common in Europe, so this is the most practical width to produce. If the veneer is thinner and you need to add the intarsias, there is no problem as you can sand the two materials together.

If you like to do handicrafts work, or you are carpenter, our marquetry patterns are ideal for your job or hobby.  It’s a delicate work, but it’s very simple to use our wood marquetry. And the final result will be a wonderful wooden table decor, for example or any wood frame.

In our Naturtrend website there is various marquetry patterns from different colors and materials. Click on this text for more wood inlays.

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