Wooden table leg to repair wood furniture
  • Wooden table leg to repair wood furniture
  • Wooden table leg, square tapered bar leg, 73cm
  • Wood feet for furniture, made of beech
  • The LAL-24 furniture leg fits well with the renovation of the retro desk.

Wooden table leg, square tapered bar leg, 73cm tall

Reference: LAL-24

The LAL-24 wood feet for furniture are 6 cm wide and 73 cm high, made of beech wood. They are marketed in their natural form, so they can be painted or varnished. Professionals like to buy it when they plan to repair wood furniture. It can become a wooden chair leg or a wooden table leg during the restoration of a retro desk.

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Base Price : $25.50

Total Price : $25.50

The LAL-24 square tapered bar wood cabinet legs are popular pieces of our selection of first-class beech wood feet for furniture. Their elegant carved square design fits well with most furniture styles. Such tapered furniture legs can be great companions when we plan to repair wood furniture. Their surface treatment is easy, they can be freely painted, stained, varnished.

The wooden table legs we sell are suitable for most furniture styles. In terms of their simple style, they are classic or modern furniture legs. In Classicism, furniture design followed simpler forms. Thick forms have been replaced by graceful elements. This clean form echoes the modern era. Color and material are more emphasized than the decorative elements, the clean surface treatment pushes the decorations into the background.

If you also want to use these decorative wooden table legs UK in your home, order them from Shop Naturtrend. If you need help deciding, take a look at our entire range. We only offer products made from natural ingredients. Natural beauty for sustainability.

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