Wooden carvings for decorating furniture, made of exotic wood
  • Wooden carvings of exotic wood
  • Wooden carvings with clam and acanthus patterns
  • Decorative wooden ornaments for furniture
  • Wooden carvings for decorating furniture, made of exotic wood

Wooden carvings with clam and acanthus patterns

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Reference: FK-143
Material: Exotic wood

Among decorative wooden carvings, the FK-143 is one of the widest with its 80 cm. It is made with a shell and acanthus leaf pattern. A truly impressive crown molding for refurbishing antique furniture or even new furniture making. Similar to other wooden ornaments, it is made of exotic, i.e. rubber wood and has its natural surface, so it can be surface treated without any problems. This decorative wood carving is often chosen for creative DIY ideas. Take a look at our wood carving shop.

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Base Price : $60.50

Total Price : $60.50

It is much easier to implement creative DIY ideas using ready-made wooden ornaments. The work is smoother, you can quickly achieve breathtaking results with our wooden carvings. The work process is just a little sanding, gluing and painting. We have already received pictures of the implementation of countless DIY projects. A spectacular fireplace, a decorative chest, or even a diorama of a house has already been created with the help of our decorative wood carvings.

Of course, its original function is refurbishing antique furniture. But aside from furniture making, such a piece can work perfectly as a window pediment or a crown molding on walls as well.

The ornaments and decorative elements stand out from the background plastically or in color. They are used in many ways, depicted differently in every age. In the Stone Age, on vessels, later with plant ornaments, rosettes, or fantasy figures in churches, cathedrals, on architectural elements or as ceiling stucco above entrance doors. Its abstract and stylized forms can be found, for example, in Islamic art, in the form of arabesques. We offer a wide selection of carved furniture ornaments and wood carving motifs.

Did we manage to make you want to renovate your furniture at home? Then do it yourself, go on an adventure! More interior design ideas await you on the pages of the Naturtrend wood carvings shop.

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Data sheet

Carvings by shape
Elongated ornaments
Ornament height
10,1 - 20 cm
20,1 - 40 cm
Ornament width
60,1 - 120 cm

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