Victorian corbels for wooden furniture restoration


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Victorian corbels with acanthus leaf carving are available in three different sizes at the Naturtrend shop.
We recommend our corinthian capital not only to carpenters but also to DIY hobby carpenters. This applique for furniture is suitable for decorating an antique carved cabinet, but it is also a great help during wood furniture repairs.
The Corinthian capital is made of exotic wood.

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£ 6.10 tax incl.

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Material Exota light
Surface Without tratement

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With our corinthian capital, we facilitate the carpenters (master and DIY) and the process of furniture restoration. The decorative wooden mouldings on the offer are made of exota wood. The effect of applique for furniture for example the victorian corbels and the antique carved cabinet is almost reborn with our wood carving patterns. Before renovating old kitchen furniture or building new decorative wood panels, it is worth visiting our website. We are waiting for you with a lot of furniture mouldings. So: do it yourself (DIY), go on an adventure!

Wood appliques UK are ornaments and decorative elements. Ornamentation, also known as decorative art, is a branch of applied art. Its purpose is to elaborate and adorn the parts, details and surfaces subordinate to the world of autonomous works of art. His role is primarily in architecture. Decorative art is also present in fine arts, folk art and music.

The capitellum in Greek means the head, a column capital, the closing element of a column. In architecture, three Greek column heads were distinguished, the Doric column head, the Ionian and Corinthian column heads, adorned with the well-known acanthus leaf carving pattern.