Bead moulding, decorative wood trim for restoring furniture


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The bead moulding with reference code “GY” is made of beech wood. This decorative wood trim is available in a length of 250cm and five different widths. When restoring furniture, this bead moulding can be used in many ways. Aside from furniture renovation, it can also be used as wooden crown molding or door moulding. Its pattern matches any interior design style.

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£ 1.50 tax incl.

£ 1.50 per m

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The decorative wood trim imitating a string of pearls is made of beech wood. It is available in five different widths. The bead moulding’s surface is not treated, therefore the user can decide on its varnishing or pickling. Its classic pattern suits most designs.

We only sell full pieces. If the price or the order does not reach 30 GBP, an additional 3 GBP will be charged as packaging fee.

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The bead moulding we offer can be used for restoring furniture or as door moulding, or even wooden crown moulding.

The decorative wood trim with reference code “GY” gives the impression of a string of pearls. Strings of pearls can create a magical aura around their wearers. They have deep symbolic meaning in many cultures: in China, they represent respect and honor, in Japan, luck, in India, they are the symbol of the joy of childbirth. In some places they are considered the cure of melancholy. They can mean tears, but even a beautiful smile with shining teeth. One thing is for sure about them: they fit all types of styles, be it grandma’s dresser or a modern kitchen cabinet.

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