Bead moulding for wooden furniture restoration


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Naturtrend decorative wood trim shop offer you this bead moulding. Available in 9, 12, 15 and 19 mm widths. This bead moulding is made of beech wood. Suitable for decorative wood panels and wooden furniture restoration for example. The bead moulding pattern adapts to any home decor style. Buy online and we sell by courier.

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£ 1.50 tax incl.

£ 1.50 per m

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The bead moldings marked GY are 9, 12, 15 and 19 mm wide in the offer of the Naturtrend decorative wood trim webshop. The decorative wood trim mouldings are made of beech wood and the surface is untreated. It can be painted and varnished as desired. Wood beading trim can add to any interior design. You can enchants the look of your home unique with wood beading trim for furniture, with which we can express our style. The carved slats available in the length of 2.50 m.

We only sell whole threads  from decorative wood trim. If the value of the order does not reach 30-GBP, we will charge a packaging fee 3-GBP for the packaging, in order to avoid possible damages.

The wood beading trim can be used in many ways, such as decorative wooden panels or picture frame slats, wooden furniture restoration.

The bead moulding marked GY with its successive spherical patterns gives the impression of a valuable row of pearls in its observer. The string of pearls creates a magical aura around the wearer. It has a deep symbolic meaning in many cultures. In some regions, an antidote to melancholy was seen in it. It can symbolically mean tears, but also pearl teeth, a beautiful smile. The pearl motif adapts to any style, be it Grandma’s dresser or a modern kitchen cabinet.

With this decorative wood trim moulding, wood restorers, or even DIY masters, can make the wooden furniture restoration and decorative wood panels for door panel.  What could be more suitable for decorating kitchen furniture than wood mouldings UK with a special bead pattern.

Mouldings (molding) such as crown moulding (molding), carved moulding (molding) and ogee are very useful ornamental elements of furniture and internal decoration as well. Here are some suggestions for the decorative use of wood mouldings that Naturtrend offers for you: blockboard edge (cover), cornice, counter-lath and ledge design, door frame or mirror decoration, to seal a wall hanging and possibly for shaping up a shop’s or a business portal.