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  • Decorative wooden carvings for repairing furniture
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Floral drop wooden ornaments, decorative interior wall panels

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Reference: FK-729
Material: Exotic wood

The FK-729 floral drop can be classified among the wooden carvings as a standing ornament. It is decorated with wooden flowers, leaves and fantasy motifs. Hobby carpenters and professionals often choose it as an eyebrow ornament during the renovation of an old window. But it is more common for wooden ornaments to be used as cabinet decorations. After all, they are made of natural exotic wood, so similar to other European wood species, their surface treatment is simple, so they are rather versatile.

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The ornaments and decorative elements stand out from the background plastically or in color. They are used in many ways, depicted differently in every age. In the Stone Age, on pots, later with flower designs, rosettes, or fantasy figures in churches, cathedrals, architectural elements or as ceiling stucco above entrance doors. Due to the wide range of uses of decorative carvings, they are well suited for furniture making and are now indispensable elements of interior design.

Therefore, professionals and hobby carpenters can save time and energy with the help of prefabricated wooden carvings. Our current decoration, FK-729, is a floral drop, with a combination of wooden flowers and a fantasy pattern. It has many uses: such a floral ornament can become an imposing vertical ornament when renovating an old window. But it can also be used for repairing furniture, as it works perfectly as a carved furniture decoration. Wooden ornaments like this also male great decorative interior wall panels.

Wood defects in the carvings?

It is important to draw the attention of our customers to the fact that the wooden furniture decoration elements, although they are made of quality wood with a professional carving process. However, due to the properties of the wood, rarely, but a small crack can be observed on the carving. Of course, this can be remedied with a few moves. All you need is wood paste, after the paste dries, the surface needs to be sanded and painting can begin.

Surface treatment!

Although many people are afraid of it, this work phase is not complicated either, you do not have to be a professional carpenter to get it right. After choosing the right raw materials, only care and dexterity are required. The use of paintable, varnish, oil and varnish can also bring beautiful results.

However, for passionate amateurs, we recommend the combination of glaze and satin lacquer. When using these, you only have to pay attention to apply them in a nice, thin, even layer on the surface. To achieve the desired effect, it is worth working in 2-3 thin layers.

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Data sheet

Carvings by shape
Elongated ornaments
Ornament height
5,1 - 10 cm
Ornament width
20,1 - 40 cm

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