Carving flowers in wood for furniture restoration


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The Naturtrend wood carving UK shop offers carvings that are faithful to carpentry work such as furniture restoration.
The RK-127 wood rosettes become a decoration in every home. Carving flowers in wood can be used for renovation of old kitchen furniture at home. After restoration it gives the kitchen a new look. These wood rosettes are made of exotic wood.

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These wood rosettes set off a series of vintage living room ideas that can use furniture restoration. Decorate a window frame or even a door jamb. If the renovation of the kitchen furniture has caused a headache at home, visit the Naturtrend carpentry shop, see our wide range of decorative wood carvings for furniture, let our products inspire you.
The ornaments and decorative wood carvings for furniture elements stand out plastically or in color from the background. They are used in a variety of ways, portrayed differently in every age. In the Stone Age, on pots, later with floral patterns, rosettes, or fantasy figures in churches, cathedrals, architectural elements, or as ceiling stucco, above entrance doors. Thanks to the wide range of applications for decorative carvings, they can be used well in furniture making and are now an essential element of home furnishings.
These wooden rosettes with curling tendrils are in a square shape frame. The carving flowers in wood are frequently used in period furniture. This wood carving UK time and again on decorative wooden panels.

We offer you decorations for your home, not only for doors, front door or gateway but on our website, you will find carved wooden panels for windows and beds as well. Notice that these carvings are not only suitable for classical, solid wood double beds, but any single bed, cot or crib. The looks of these furnitures can be refreshed with our recommended carvings. Indeed, a carving looks great on a period piece bed, but the two ends of a crib closed by a graceful bow shaped custom carving will enhance it with a noble look.