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Reed spline for caning, caned chair repair, basket weaving material

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The reed spline is made of rattan palm, which is recommended for caned chair repair, repairing rattan furniture and renovating thonet bentwood chairs, because it can be used to squeeze the thonet material into the trench. The wedge-shaped preed splineis also a good basket weaving material. The price we offer is really favorable and can be conveniently purchased from the Naturtrend Shop website.

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Base Price (per m): $1.30

Total Price : $1.30


Rattan can be processed with or without shell.

Various types of rattan products are made from the rattan palm, such as our current product, the wedge-shaped reed spline, which we sell by the meter. When the bark is peeled from the stem of the rattan palm, longitudinal pieces are split from the inner part of the remaining rattan rod, which are pulled through a round or, in the case of the wedge-shaped reed spline, a wedge-shaped ring. The wedge-shaped reed spline for caning is best known as the material used to refurbish thonet bentwood chairs with knotted grips, because the thonet fabric is pressed into the frame with this wedge-shaped rattan material. Any caned chair repair can be done with reed spline, and many people know it as a basket weaving material and look no further when they need basket weaving supplies.

The product is very flexible. If soaked in water, it is easy to process.

One of the most ancient ways of perfuming a home is when water that turns into steam carries the scent of essential oils. There are several types of perfumery: scented candles, candles, sprays, perfume lamps, but the real thing is the perfume made from natural ingredients, such as the perfume stick made of reed spline.

The product is not hollow inside, but solid, with strong fibers. There are wide water-carrying cells in the vascular stems, which take up water and transmit it. The rattan stick perfumer emits the fragrance that rises in the long water-carrying tubes of the rattan gut through slow, even evaporation. Perfume sticks can also be made at home. If we want to increase the intensity of the fragrance, we need to increase the number of fragrance sticks. It can be placed in several places in the apartment, it does not require constant monitoring, it smells good, and we can relax.

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