Bun feet for furniture made of beech
  • Bun feet for furniture made of beech
  • Turned wooden legs for cabinets or sofas
  • Wooden feet for furniture, 150mm tall, turned wooden legs
  • This wooden furniture leg uk fits well with old and new furniture.

Wooden feet for furniture, 150mm tall, turned wooden legs

Reference: AS-DN-15

The AS-DN-15-s are elegant wooden feet for furniture. Their diameter is 70 mm, their height is 150 mm. These turned wooden legs preserve Louis Philippe I's style features and allow for multiple uses: they work perfectly as wooden cabinet legs or wooden feet for sofas. Their surface is not treated, meaning the user can decide freely on their treatment.

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Elegant turned wooden furniture leg 

In the wide selection of wooden feet for furniture at Naturtrend shop, you will definitely find the piece you are looking for, whether it is a carved or turned product.

How are turned wooden legs made?

Turning is a cutting process for machining rotating bodies. The workpiece is attached to a horizontal axis. In our case, this means a prepared piece of beech wood. After reaching the appropriate speed, the specialist cuts off shavings from the rotating workpiece with the help of a special single-edged chisel. This is how you create the desired furniture leg shape. Of course, templates are now available to make the work easier. However, to this day, this activity requires great expertise and skill. When the workpiece has acquired its final form, only the sanding remains. As well as processing and separating the ends from the machine.

Countless shapes and sizes can be made with the process. Wooden cabinet legs, armchair legs or wooden feet for sofas can all be created with the method, among many other things.

This wooden furniture leg matches the Biedermeier style

These furniture legs UK are reminiscent of the Biedermeier era, during which the bourgeoisie gave way to its unique cultural taste in interior design. In close connection with this, a style named after its king, Louis-Philippe, developed in France, which among other things took forms from the Rococo. Biedermeier did not offer much innovation in terms of furniture legs. During the Louis-Philippe style, in addition to the already familiar saber-shaped legs, solutions such as the Troubadour style with columnar furniture legs were created, which are similar to the product in the range.

With their modern and adaptable shapes, these furniture legs are of course not just for Biedermeier furniture, but can accompany any style. Joinery professionals and hobby users can easily add our products to their furniture when they plan to restore wood furniture or create new pieces.

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