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Wood legs for furniture, 175mm tall, Queen Anne legs for furniture

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Reference: BL-819
Material: Exotic wood

The BL-819 wood legs for furniture are cabinet legs carved from exotic wood. Their diameter is 70 mm x 70 mm, their height is 175 mm. These carefully carved furniture legs are often chosen as wooden cabinet legs when restoring furniture. But other furniture renovation ideas can also be implemented with them. Exotic wood can be easily painted and varnished.

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Detailed wooden furniture legs

The BL-819 wood legs for furniture are beautiful, detailed carved wooden furniture legs. The wooden cabinet legs made of exotic wood bear the hallmarks of the Rococo style. Thus, when restoring furniture, they can lend the furniture they are applied to their elegant style. Completely new furniture can also be built with their help. They become great wooden legs for sofa, armchairs or beds, lending the whole room their Rococo style.

Rococo develops from the Baroque style, but loosens its "strictness". Instead of the heaviness and drama of the Baroque, it wants to create a more nuanced and playful style. A common motif in architecture is the snail and other plant parts, and of course rocailles, the shells from which the style takes its name. The decorations were typically arranged asymmetrically. Rococo reflects the easy way of life of the refined aristocracy. With our products, you can easily make your home reflect the same thing!

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