Decorative wooden mouldings carved in the shape of a flower basket
  • Decorative wooden mouldings carved in the shape of a flower basket
  • Wooden ornaments made of exotic wood
  • Furntiure restoration supplies with home delivery

Wooden carvings in the shape of a flower basket, floral patterns

Reference: FK-716

Restoring furniture is easier with prefabricated wooden carvings! The FK-716-s are wooden ornaments in the shape of a flower basket. Most of the wooden ornaments are made from exotic wood species, more precisely from rubber wood. The surface treatment of the flower patterns does not differ from European wood species, it can be painted or varnished. Choose from the best of our offer in the Naturtrend wood carvings shop. It is a favorite of professionals and hobby carpenters.

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Base Price : $57.00

Total Price : $57.00

With the help of the wooden ornaments offered by the Naturtrend wood carving shop, your existing furniture will be given new life. Our products made of exotic rubber wood are sold untreated, they can be painted and stained as desired, so you can easily match them to the color tone of the existing furniture. Our current wooden carvings are available with floral patterns, with a bow holder. Professionals and hobby carpenters alike are happy to choose our furniture restoration supplies if they are planning on restoring furniture. After all, with their help, the work is faster and the beautiful result is guaranteed.

Humans have always been happy to bring nature into living spaces. We used our imagination. In our house, the column supports the ceiling like a slender tree trunk. You can climb from one level to the next on the soft spiral of a spiral staircase. And a decoration in the shape of a flower basket also beautifies and makes our living space more homely with its charm. All this can be done in painting, sculpture, architecture, and wood carvings can also be related to the latter, which can be observed on the handmade furniture of old times.

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Data sheet

Carvings by shape
Special shaped ornaments
Ornament height
20,1 - 40 cm
Ornament width
20,1 - 40 cm
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