Wooden rosettes of exotic wood in multiple selectable sizes
  • Wooden rosettes of exotic wood
  • Furniture carving of beech or maple
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  • Decorative rosettes available in multiple sizes
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  • Wooden rosettes of exotic wood in multiple selectable sizes

Wooden carvings in flower shape, carved wood flowers

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Reference: RK-771
Material: Exotic wood

Wooden carvings are essential accessories for refurbishing furinture. With the help of well-chosen wooden ornaments, both professionals and hobbyists can achieve eye-catching results. The RK-771 is a wooden rosette with a flower pattern. These decorative corner mouldings are made of exotic wood and sold with their natural surface, so it is easy to glue and paint. Take a look at our selection of other quality furniture decorations and other accessories.

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Total Price : $2.40

The RK-771 moulding supply is a wooden rosette with a flower pattern. Almost without exception, our wooden carvings are made of rubber wood, which belongs to the so-called exotic wood species. It can be easily glued and treated. Its properties can be related to other types of wood used in the furniture industry. It is harder than European pine, softer than beech.

Hobby carpenters and serious professionals agree that for refurbishing furniture, one needs prefabricated wooden ornaments to achieve truly beautiful results.

Rosette is a French word meaning little rose. In ornamentation, we mean the stylized rose.

How and with what should I fix the wooden rosette?

To fasten the carved wood flowers, you only need D2 or D3 wood glue, or a stapler. To achieve the right result, it is worth sanding the back of the carved wooden ornaments, so that microgrooves are formed, the glue can work on a larger surface. After we have applied and evenly distributed the adhesive on both surfaces, it is only necessary to fix it while it dries.

What should I use to surface the ornament?

If you are thinking about treating the surface of the rosette, glaze, oil or lacquer can also prove to be an excellent choice. You can achieve different effects with each product, highlighting the virtues of wooden decorative elements according to your vision.

The word Gothic was first used by Giorgio Vasari, condemning those who, turning away from classical traditions, can only be compared to the Goths who stormed Rome. Today, it is mostly used as a signifier of medieval architecture with a Romanesque arch.

The rosette offered by the Naturtrend shop was born in the Gothic style, helping the work of professionals and hobby users.

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Data sheet

Carvings by shape
Round and oval ornaments
Ornament height
5,1 - 10 cm
Ornament width
5,1 - 10 cm

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