Wooden carvings of exotic wood
  • Wooden carvings of exotic wood
  • Decorative moulding for doors panels or furniture made of quality exotic wood
  • Wooden ornaments for refurbishing furniture

Floral ornament moulding for doors panels, rosette wooden carvings

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Reference: RK-773
Material: Exotic wood

The RK-773 wooden carvings have a charming floral design. Refurbishing antique furniture at home with the help of ready-made wooden ornaments is child's play even for hobby carpenters. A little sanding, gluing, painting and that's it. This wooden floral ornament is made of exotic wood and sold with a natural surface, so it can be painted, stained, or varnished. You can also choose from our selection on the pages of the Naturtrend woodcarvings shop.

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Humans have always been happy to bring nature into their living spaces, using imagination. In our house, the column supports the ceiling like a slender tree trunk. You can climb from one level to the next on the soft spiral of a spiral staircase. And the flower patterns also beautify and make our living space more homely with their charm. All this can be done in painting, sculpture, architecture, and wood carvings can also be related to the latter, which can be observed on the handmade furniture of old times.

The Naturtrend woodcarving shop wants to help professionals and hobby carpenters with a selection of ready-made wooden ornaments. There are countless patterns and types to choose from among the wooden carvings. Our current moulding for doors panels or furniture is a floral ornament, that makes refurbishing antique furniture, windows or doors much easier and faster, with prettier results.

What types of wood can be used to make wood carvings and furniture decorations?

Wooden ornaments are basically exotic, beech or maple wood.

The exotic tree is actually a rubber tree, from which caoutchouc is obtained. It can be painted and stained just like any other European wood. According to its fiber structure and color, it is between beech and oak.

Beech is deciduous, its trunk is reddish-brown, and it is close to oak in hardness. It can grow up to 35-40 m high, the trunk with a large diameter can reach up to 1 meter. It can be worked well with any tool, it can be bent well, and it is the most important raw material for the production of furniture.

The maple belongs to the soap family, the Latin acer means sharp, which refers to its peaks. The material is moderately hard. It can be easily varnished, stained and turned. It is equally used as parquet, a popular material in the furniture industry. It should be protected from climatic effects, its indoor use is more widespread.

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Data sheet

Carvings by shape
Round and oval ornaments
Ornament height
5,1 - 10 cm
Ornament width
5,1 - 10 cm

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