The wood carving shop recommends: wooden pyramid.
  • Pyramid -shaped carved furniture
  • Wood pyramid to repair old furniture
  • Restoration of furniture is easy if you have carved furniture.
  • The wood carving shop recommends: wooden pyramid.

Wood pyramid, square pyramid decorative wooden mouldings

Reference: RK-007
Material: Beech

The RK-007 wooden carvings have the shape of a wood pyramid and are made in the spirit of minimalist style. Due to its simplicity, it works well with most styles. These decorative wooden mouldings are great companions when restoring furniture. They are available in several sizes, all designs are made of natural beech wood. If you are looking for a carved furniture decoration for antique furniture, take a look at our Naturtrend wood carvings shop.

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Base Price : $1.40

Total Price : $1.40

Ornamentation is the decoration of the surface of objects. Since the beginning of time, we have been decorating our objects and our surroundings in some way. With the help of decorative wood panels, our furniture can be made unique and more personal. As decoration, they contribute to the design of the space, lending a unique interior to our surroundings.

The RK-007 wood pyramid shaped wooden carvings with their simple pattern carved from beech wood are suitable for most furniture styles. Carpentry professionals and hobby users prefer ready-made carved decorative wooden mouldings when restoring furniture. After all, the restoration works go faster and more smoothly with them. Wooden ornaments can also be successfully used for many other decorative works. Lovers of the DIY movement also often order carvings for gift boxes or chests.

The use of beech in the wood industry has long been considered standard. After all, based on its properties, it is timeless and meets the requirements of furniture construction. Beech is deciduous, its trunk is reddish-brown, and it is close to oak in hardness. It can be worked well with all tools and can be bent well.

If you are looking for a wood carving for sale for antique furniture, take a look at our Naturtrend wood carvings shop.

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Data sheet

Carvings by shape
Square ornaments
Ornament height
0 - 5 cm
5,1 - 10 cm
Ornament width
0 - 5 cm
5,1 - 10 cm
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