Ionic carved column, wooden decoration
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  • Ionic carved column, wooden decoration

Greek architecture is associated with the Greek tribes and the territories they conquered. The three most important Greek capitals are the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian.
Characteristic of Ionic column capitals is the double volute below the square abacus, winding in a spiral line on the front side, appearing as cushions in the side view. The echinus, decorated with a row of eggs, protrudes from it, which is a downwardly narrowing round member connecting the column trunk with the abacus.

The Naturtrend woodcarvings shop offers a wooden decoration imitating this Greek column head. The carved wooden top decorations are available untreated, so they can be painted and stained as desired, easily adapting them to the existing furniture design. They can be easily attached by gluing. The raw material of the carved wooden decoration with item number D-608 is linden.

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Carvings by shape
Ornament height
20,1 - 40 cm
Ornament width
10,1 - 20 cm

Ionic carved column, wooden decoration

Reference: D-608-16-H

Unique carved wooden decorations, wood carvings in the style of Ionic column heads are available at a favorable price on Naturtrend Shop. With the help of these wood onlays, it is easy to renovate an old wooden window and make a chest of drawers. The existing furniture or the carved wooden column can be further decorated with Greek column capitals. The current product is made of linden.

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