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Wood moulding with carved wooden flowers, two different sizes

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Reference: RK-729
Material: Exotic wood

RK-729 is a wood moulding whose charm lies in its simplicity. A rosette patterned with circular carved wooden flowers. The wooden ornament is available in two different sizes in our webshop. It can be an indispensable accessory for decorating unique kitchen furniture, but there is also a place for this simple but great ornament on a beautifully designed jewelry box.

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Naturtrend Shop takes great care to help cabinetmakers and hobby users with a wide selection. That's why our collection includes a wide variety of decorative wood panels for furniture.

The RK-729 wood moulding is a rosette that forms a flower on a circular disc. Since the carved wooden flowers are basically restrained, they can be perfectly paired with other more richly decorated carvings. These wood circle centerpieces are made of exotic wood and are sold untreated, so they can be varnished, oiled or stained depending on the use. Wood carving patterns can be used to decorate unique kitchen furniture, but they can also be used to repair furniture.

Ornamentation, the decoration of the surface of objects, has accompanied man since the dawn of civilization. With these decorations, we can make our furnishings, objects, and buildings more personal and festive. Depending on the choice, each decorative element can be a central motif or a piece with an additional role.

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Data sheet

Carvings by shape
Round and oval ornaments
Ornament height
0 - 5 cm
Ornament width
0 - 5 cm

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