Open rattan webbing 60cm width

TH-1/2-60-S Naturtrend

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The closed cane webbing from the core has unattended surface. It can be colored and painted easily. There is a great fray on the name of this material: Cane Webb, Thonett, Thonet, Tonett Material etc.

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58,20 € tax incl.

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Old times it is used to make seat part of the chairs on the period items of furniture. Today tthonet (thonett, tonett, open rattan webbing, open cane webbing, cane paneling, sheet cane) material also use hide of radiator, heater; paravans, and thonet (thonett, tonett, woven cane, rattan, open rattan webbing, open cane webbing) material also used to make furniture door panel such places where are very important of the good airing. It is very well bear the load.