Rattan webbing roll for rattan door panels or seats
  • Rattan webbing roll for rattan door panels or seats
  • Quality cane webbing for repairing rattan chair seat
  • The quality cane webbing sheets are perfect for thonet chair seats
  • Rattan radiator covers with home delivery
  • 60cm wide cane webbing sheets of superior quality
  • Cane webbing 60 cm wide, superior quality
  • Cane webbing 60 cm wide, superior quality

Cane webbing 60 cm wide, superior quality

Delivery time: 3-6 workdays to arrive to United States

Reference: TH-1/2-60-S

Naturtrend Shop offers classic cane webbing, which can be used for repairing rattan chair seats. This rattan webbing roll is 60 cm wide and is an extremely strong rattan reed fabric.  Its pattern is repeated ½ inch. Such rolls can also be made into door fronts or rattan radiator covers.

We will gladly take over the reeding of the thonet chair from you. Feel free to contact us!

Available Products:


Base Price (per m): $66.70

Total Price : $66.70


Rattan, also known as rotang palm, is a fast-growing liana-like creeper that originates from the primeval forests of Southeast Asia. It can grow vines up to 200 meters long, making rattan one of the longest plants on Earth.

Solid reed fabric can be made from the outer shell of rattan, like our present TH-1/2-60-S caen webbing. It is stronger, it can be painted easily by abrasion, it is more difficult to pickle, but in this case the natural feeling of the product can be strengthened.

The better-known name of rattan webbing roll is tonett fabric, which was used in the past for the seat of chairs. Today, it is still used for repairing rattan chair seats, but since it is a well-ventilated material, it is also excellently suitable for rattan wall protectors, rattan radiator covers and rattan door panels.

The renovation of the Thonet chair can also be done at home. If you feel that you have enough potential for this demanding job, we will send you a DVD that will guide you step by step through the repair process. With the help of the information below, you can determine whether your thonett chair is woven or knotted.

Brief interpretation of the letters in the product

S – Superior quality, particularly strong, the best rattan reed fabric

N – Normal, first-class product, less heavy-duty, as a radiator cover and door insert

D - Decor quality, white, sold at a good price.

How can I get reed braid at a discount?

The rattan material we offer can be purchased by the meter, the length of the roll is 15.24 m. When you buy a whole rattan roll, we provide you with two advantages: on the one hand, a 10% discount on the price of the product, and on the other hand, we waive the postage. In case of pre-payment of a full roll, please do not transfer the amount indicated in the order, wait for our response.

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What types of thonet materials are there? Which is good for what? 

Should I use ½ and ⅝ hole pitch material?

There are several types of hole-punched thonet material. At Naturtrend we basically stock two halves. Their pattern can have a similar repetition of ½ and ⅝ col, you can read this from the product code. e.g. TH-½-60-S

Which one do you need? If you buy new, whichever you prefer. If you are replacing an existing one, it is important that it is the same, you can calculate it as follows:

Calculate the hole pitch. 

1col - 2.54 cm 

How many holes are there in 1 inch? 2.1 cm - 1 inch 1 inch 1.5 cm - 4 holes in 5.5 cm. Measure from the rightmost yarn to the rightmost yarn of the 4th hole.  

5.5 cm / 2.54 cm = 2.16 cm 

2.16 / 4 (holes) = ½

So the thonet webbing is ½.

How many holes are there in 1 inch? 6.9 cm has 4 holes. Measure from the rightmost yarn to the rightmost yarn of the 4th hole.  

6.9 cm / 2.54 cm = 2.71 cm

2,71 / 4 = 0,677

So the thonet webbing is ⅝.

The fabric should be measured both horizontally and vertically, as the fabric may be slightly distorted. 

And with old hand-stitched chairs, it is easy to get neither of the hole pitches exactly right.


Data sheet

Method of use
Air-permeable material
Chair repair
Decorative fabric
False ceiling
Radiator cover
Reed fabric strength
Chair repair quality

Specific References

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