Fluted moulding to restore furniture
  • Fluted moulding to restore furniture
  • Crown mouldings to restore wood furniture
  • Decorative wood moulding made of beech
  • Fluted moulding, decorative wood moulding with repeating pattern

Fluted moulding, decorative wood moulding with repeating pattern

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Reference: T
Material: Beech

The decorative wood moulding with fluted, concave pattern has a length of 250cm and width of either 14mm or 20mm. It is made of beech wood, its surface is not treated, meaning it can easily be adjusted to its surroundings. If we plan to restore wood furniture, it can be a great decorative moulding or crown moulding.

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Restore wood furniture with our fluted moulding

Most of our decorative wood moulding selection is made from beech, a standard material in the furniture industry. The fluted moulding with reference code “T” has a length of 250cm and has a width of either 14mm or 20mm. Its pattern is designed in a way so it fits to most furniture design styles. A favored choice by professionals when they plan to restore wood furniture. It is also highly sought after as material for door panel mouldings, window mouldings or crown mouldings.

We only sell complete pieces. Contact us if you plan on ordering higher amounts for additional discount. If the overall price of the ordered products does not reach 20 EUR, we charge an additional 5 EUR as packaging fee.

How should I fix the fluted moulding?

There are multiple possible ways of fixing the decorative wood moulding, depending on the desired area. On a wooden surface, smaller nails, wood glue, or perhaps both at the same time suffice. When mounting on walls, you might want to drill and then use dowels and screws.

When we decide to restore old furniture, we know it is not only a question of expertise, but also of patience, creativity and care of even the smallest of details. Such furniture passes on from generation to generation. They keep memories, practically maintaining a connection between said generations. We tend to grow to love old furniture that was passed on to us by dear loved ones. It is no wonder restoring these pieces requires great care and great tools. Our products can help you with the latter. Check the Naturtrend shop selection and find the moulding that can fulfill your needs and make your home feel even more like home!

Our selection of decorative wood mouldings is easily accessible through our webshop. On our website, you can also find a spreadsheet of our quantity discounts. When ordering a really large number of products, even further discounts await you! Please look to our administrators.

Please, visit us wooden mouldings webshop!

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