Decorative moulding for panelling with plant motifs
  • Wooden moulding for doors panels of exotic wood
  • Carved plant ornamentation for decorating furniture
  • Decorative moulding for panelling with plant motifs

The decorative wood mouldings we offer are made of natural exotic wood, a material that is easy to work with. We sell these decorative wooden carvings with untreated surface, so the user can freely decide on their painting or varnishing, easily adjusting their plant ornamentation to the area they wish to use it in. This decorative moulding for panelling is an excellent companion for repairing furniture as it makes a beautiful carved furniture ornament, but it can also become an elegant and pretty moulding for doors panels.

How and with what should I fasten the carved wooden decorative elements?

To fasten the carved furniture decorations, you only need D2 or D3 wood glue, or a stapler. To achieve the right result, it is worth sanding the back of the carvings, so that microgrooves are formed, and the glue can work on a larger surface. After we have applied and evenly distributed the adhesive on both surfaces, it is only necessary to fix it while it dries.

So the operation is quite simple! In this way, even hobby carpenters can easily carry out the above-mentioned operation, even during the renovation of antique furniture.

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Data sheet

Carvings by shape
Elongated ornaments
Ornament height
5,1 - 10 cm
Ornament width
20,1 - 40 cm

Wooden carvings with plant motifs, carved plant ornamentation

Reference: FK-115-40

The decorative wooden carvings offered by Naturtrend Shop are loyal and useful helpers for repairing furniture, doors or windows, making the job much easier and faster. The FK-115 carved furniture ornaments are decorated with plant motifs. The moulding for doors panels is made of rubber (exotic) wood, which is harder than pine, softer than beech. Take a look at our wide selection for more decorative elements and other furniture accessories!.

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